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Manager Profile: David Sexton

Full Name: David Sexton

Born: Sunday, 6th April 1930
Place of Birth: Islington, London, England
Died: Sunday, 25th November 2012

Managerial Record

Manager from: October, 1967
Manager until: October, 1974

PlayedWonDrawnLostForAgainstWin %Goals / Game
F.A. Cup311876603258.06%1.94
League Cup291577442951.72%1.52
Players In

Nov 1967Alan Birchenall£100,000
Feb 1968David Webb£40,000
Jul 1968Alan HudsonFrom Juniors
Jul 1968Ian Hutchinson£2,500
Dec 1968Derek Smethurstunknown
Jan 1969John Dempsey£70,000
Oct 1969Paddy Mulligan£17,500
Apr 1970Peter Feelyunknown
May 1970Keith Weller£100,000
Aug 1970Tony PotracFrom Juniors
Aug 1970John Phillips£25,000
Oct 1970Micky Droyunknown
Mar 1971Garry StanleyFrom Juniors
Jul 1971Gary LockeFrom Juniors
Jul 1971Steve SherwoodFrom Juniors
Jul 1971Ian BrittonFrom Juniors
Sep 1971Steve Kember£170,000
Sep 1971Chris Garland£100,000
Nov 1971Mike BrollyFrom Juniors
Dec 1971Steve FinniestonFrom Juniors
Jul 1972Graham WilkinsFrom Juniors
Jul 1972Ray WilkinsFrom Juniors
Sep 1972Brian BasonFrom Juniors
Sep 1972Bill Garner£80,000
Oct 1972Tommy Ordunknown
Aug 1973Kenny Swainunknown
Jan 1974Charlie Cooke£17,000
Feb 1974Ray LewingtonFrom Juniors
Feb 1974Teddy MaybankFrom Juniors
Feb 1974Tommy LangleyFrom Juniors
Mar 1974John SparrowFrom Juniors
May 1974Steve WicksFrom Juniors
Aug 1974John Sissons£70,000
Aug 1974David Hay£225,000
Players Out

Oct 1967Colin Waldron
Jan 1968Geoff Butler
Feb 1968Paul McMillan
Feb 1968Joe Kirkup
Jun 1968Chico Hamilton
Aug 1968George Luke
Sep 1968Jim Thomson
Jan 1969Allan Young
Jan 1969Barry Lloyd
Jun 1969Joe Fascione
Jan 1970Bobby Tambling
Jun 1970Alan Birchenall
May 1971Tommy Hughes
Sep 1971Derek Smethurst
Sep 1971Keith Weller
Mar 1972Stewart Houston
Sep 1972Charlie Cooke
Sep 1972Paddy Mulligan
Feb 1973Tony Potrac
Feb 1973Peter Feely
Jun 1973Tommy Ord
Nov 1973John Boyle
Mar 1974Peter Osgood
Apr 1974Alan Hudson
May 1974David Webb
Jun 1974Mike Brolly

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Chelsea Manager David Sexton