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Chelsea FC Profile: Garry Stanley

| Player Summary |

Full Name: Garry Ernest Stanley

Born: Thursday, 4th March 1954 (age: 70)
Place of birth: Burton upon Trent, Staffordshire, England
Height: 5' 9 1/2"

Involvement with Chelsea:

Men's 1st Team Player from 1971 to 1979

Playing Career:

Chelsea (Mar 1971 to Jun 1979) - From Chelsea Juniors
--->Fort Lauderdale Strikers (L)
Swansea City
Wichita Wings
Bristol City

* (L) = On Loan

Chelsea First-Team Career Summary

Competitive Debut: Saturday, 16th August 1975, Sunderland 2 - 1 Chelsea

Age on debut: 21 years 5 months 12 days

100th Appearance: Saturday, 9th December 1978, Chelsea 0 - 1 Aston Villa

Last Competitive First-Team Appearance: Monday, 14th May 1979, Chelsea 1 - 1 Arsenal


Season League F.A. Cup Lg Cup Europe Oth* Ttl
1975 / 76 29210032
1976 / 77 33230038
1977 / 78 11010012
1978 / 79 36 (4)1 (1)10038 (5)
Total109 (4)5 (1)600120 (5)


Season League F.A. Cup Lg Cup Europe Oth* Ttl
1975 / 76 300003
1976 / 77 600006
1977 / 78 100001
1978 / 79 500005

* oth = other competitive matches such as Full Members Cup, Charity/Community Shield, Fifa World Club Cup.
Figures in ( ) are substitute appearances and are also included in the totals.
i.e. Garry Stanley made 120 appearances for Chelsea, of which 5 were as a substitute.

Competitive Matches Played

CompDateHome  AwayAtt
League16th Aug 1975Sunderland21Chelsea28,689 match lost
League20th Aug 1975West Bromwich Albion00Chelsea18,014 match drawn
League6th Sep 1975Chelsea00Nottingham Forest21,023 match drawn
League Cup10th Sep 1975Crewe Alexandra10Chelsea6,723 match lost
League13th Sep 1975Oldham Athletic21Chelsea10,406 match lost
League20th Sep 1975Chelsea11Bristol City17,661 match drawn
League23rd Sep 1975Portsmouth11Chelsea16,144 match drawn
League27th Sep 1975Fulham20Chelsea22,921 match lost booked
League1st Nov 1975Chelsea22Plymouth Argyle20,096 match drawn
League8th Nov 1975Hull City12Chelsea9,097 match won
League15th Nov 1975Chelsea20Notts County18,229 match won
League22nd Nov 1975Blackpool02Chelsea8,595 match won booked
League29th Nov 1975Bristol Rovers12Chelsea16,277 match won booked
League6th Dec 1975Chelsea01Bolton Wanderers20,896 match lost
League20th Dec 1975Chelsea10Sunderland22,802 match won
League26th Dec 1975Orient31Chelsea15,509 match lost
League27th Dec 1975Chelsea23Charlton Athletic25,367 match lost
F.A. Cup1st Jan 1976Chelsea11Bristol Rovers35,226 match drawn
F.A. Cup3rd Jan 1976Bristol Rovers01Chelsea13,939 match won Sub off
League21st Feb 1976Notts County32Chelsea14,528 match lost Sub offscored 1 goal
League25th Feb 1976Chelsea20Portsmouth12,709 match won
League28th Feb 1976Chelsea31Blackburn Rovers14,555 match won
League6th Mar 1976Plymouth Argyle03Chelsea20,638 match won scored 1 goal
League13th Mar 1976Chelsea11Southampton29,011 match drawn
League20th Mar 1976Chelsea00Bristol Rovers16,132 match drawn
League27th Mar 1976Bolton Wanderers21Chelsea20,817 match lost
League6th Apr 1976Chelsea00Fulham23,605 match drawn
League10th Apr 1976Bristol City22Chelsea24,710 match drawn scored 1 goal
League16th Apr 1976Chelsea22Luton Town19,878 match drawn
League17th Apr 1976Chelsea02Orient17,679 match lost
League19th Apr 1976Charlton Athletic11Chelsea23,263 match drawn
League24th Apr 1976York City22Chelsea4,914 match drawn
League21st Aug 1976Orient01Chelsea11,456 match won booked
League28th Aug 1976Chelsea21Carlisle United18,681 match won
League Cup1st Sep 1976Chelsea31Sheffield United16,883 match won
League4th Sep 1976Millwall30Chelsea21,002 match lost
League11th Sep 1976Plymouth Argyle23Chelsea18,356 match won booked
League18th Sep 1976Chelsea21Bolton Wanderers24,835 match won scored 1 goal
League Cup20th Sep 1976Chelsea20Huddersfield Town19,860 match won
League25th Sep 1976Blackpool01Chelsea19,041 match won
League16th Oct 1976Chelsea43Oldham Athletic25,825 match won booked
League23rd Oct 1976Blackburn Rovers02Chelsea15,039 match won
League Cup26th Oct 1976Arsenal21Chelsea52,305 match lost
League30th Oct 1976Chelsea31Southampton42,654 match won
League6th Nov 1976Hereford United22Chelsea12,858 match drawn booked
League10th Nov 1976Chelsea21Charlton Athletic38,879 match won scored 1 goal
League20th Nov 1976Nottingham Forest11Chelsea27,089 match drawn
League27th Nov 1976Chelsea21Burnley28,595 match won
League3rd Dec 1976Sheffield United10Chelsea23,393 match lost
League7th Dec 1976Southampton11Chelsea19,909 match drawn
League11th Dec 1976Chelsea33Wolverhampton Wanderers36,137 match drawn
League18th Dec 1976Hull City11Chelsea11,774 match drawn
League27th Dec 1976Chelsea20Fulham55,003 match won
League29th Dec 1976Luton Town40Chelsea17,102 match lost
League1st Jan 1977Chelsea51Hereford United27,720 match won Sub on 85 minsscored 1 goal
F.A. Cup8th Jan 1977Southampton11Chelsea26,041 match drawn
F.A. Cup12th Jan 1977Chelsea03Southampton42,868 match lost
League22nd Jan 1977Chelsea11Orient25,744 match drawn scored 1 goal
League5th Feb 1977Carlisle United01Chelsea11,356 match won
League12th Feb 1977Chelsea11Millwall34,857 match drawn scored 1 goal
League15th Feb 1977Notts County21Chelsea11,902 match lost
League19th Feb 1977Chelsea22Plymouth Argyle22,154 match drawn
League26th Feb 1977Bolton Wanderers22Chelsea31,600 match drawn
League5th Mar 1977Chelsea22Blackpool27,412 match drawn
League12th Mar 1977Cardiff City13Chelsea20,194 match won scored 1 goal
League19th Mar 1977Chelsea20Bristol Rovers26,196 match won
League2nd Apr 1977Chelsea31Blackburn Rovers20,769 match won
League8th Apr 1977Fulham31Chelsea29,690 match lost
League9th Apr 1977Chelsea20Luton Town31,911 match won
League11th Apr 1977Charlton Athletic40Chelsea25,757 match lost
League20th Aug 1977West Bromwich Albion30Chelsea20,145 match lost
League24th Aug 1977Chelsea20Birmingham City18,008 match won scored 1 goal
League27th Aug 1977Chelsea12Coventry City25,432 match lost
League Cup30th Aug 1977Liverpool20Chelsea33,170 match lost
League3rd Sep 1977Ipswich Town10Chelsea20,835 match lost
League10th Sep 1977Chelsea11Derby County25,759 match drawn
League17th Sep 1977Manchester United01Chelsea54,764 match won
League24th Sep 1977Queens Park Rangers11Chelsea26,267 match drawn
League1st Oct 1977Chelsea12Leeds United35,427 match lost
League5th Oct 1977Chelsea00Leicester City19,575 match drawn
League8th Oct 1977Liverpool20Chelsea40,499 match lost Sub off
League15th Oct 1977Chelsea00Middlesbrough21,091 match drawn Sub on 62 mins
League19th Aug 1978Chelsea01Everton31,755 match lost
League22nd Aug 1978Wolverhampton Wanderers01Chelsea22,041 match won booked
League26th Aug 1978Tottenham Hotspur22Chelsea40,643 match drawn
League Cup29th Aug 1978Bolton Wanderers21Chelsea10,748 match lost booked
League2nd Sep 1978Chelsea03Leeds United30,099 match lost
League9th Sep 1978Coventry City32Chelsea24,920 match lost Sub on 34 mins
League16th Sep 1978Chelsea14Manchester City28,980 match lost scored 1 goal
League23rd Sep 1978Birmingham City11Chelsea18,458 match drawn
League30th Sep 1978Chelsea13West Bromwich Albion20,186 match lost
League14th Oct 1978Chelsea43Bolton Wanderers19,879 match won Sub on 71 mins
League21st Oct 1978Liverpool20Chelsea45,775 match lost
League28th Oct 1978Chelsea33Norwich City23,941 match drawn scored 1 goal (1 Pen)
League4th Nov 1978Queens Park Rangers00Chelsea22,876 match drawn
League11th Nov 1978Everton32Chelsea38,694 match lost
League18th Nov 1978Chelsea13Tottenham Hotspur41,594 match lost
League22nd Nov 1978Leeds United21Chelsea24,088 match lost
League25th Nov 1978Chelsea01Manchester United27,156 match lost
League9th Dec 1978Chelsea01Aston Villa19,080 match lost
League16th Dec 1978Middlesbrough72Chelsea15,107 match lost
League23rd Dec 1978Chelsea00Bristol City19,093 match drawn
League26th Dec 1978Southampton00Chelsea20,770 match drawn Sub off
League30th Dec 1978Ipswich Town51Chelsea21,439 match lost Sub off
F.A. Cup15th Jan 1979Manchester United30Chelsea38,500 match lost Sub on 80 mins
League20th Jan 1979Manchester City23Chelsea31,876 match won
League3rd Feb 1979Chelsea21Birmingham City22,129 match won
League21st Feb 1979Chelsea13Coventry City15,282 match lost
League24th Feb 1979Bolton Wanderers21Chelsea19,475 match lost
League3rd Mar 1979Chelsea00Liverpool40,594 match drawn Sub on 80 mins
League17th Mar 1979Chelsea13Queens Park Rangers25,871 match lost
League24th Mar 1979Chelsea12Wolverhampton Wanderers20,502 match lost Sub on 75 mins
League28th Mar 1979Nottingham Forest60Chelsea24,514 match lost Sub on 46 mins
League7th Apr 1979Chelsea13Nottingham Forest29,213 match lost Sub on 46 mins
League14th Apr 1979Chelsea12Southampton18,243 match lost Sub onscored 1 goal
League16th Apr 1979Arsenal52Chelsea37,232 match lost
League21st Apr 1979Chelsea21Middlesbrough12,007 match won scored 1 goal
League28th Apr 1979Aston Villa21Chelsea29,212 match lost
League5th May 1979Chelsea23Ipswich Town15,462 match lost
League14th May 1979Chelsea11Arsenal28,386 match drawn scored 1 goal

Non-Competitive First-Team Appearances

Season Appearances
1975 / 76 3 (1)
1976 / 77 2
1977 / 78 2
Total7 (1)

Non-Competitive First-Team Goals


Figures in ( ) are substitute appearances and are also included in the totals.
i.e. Garry Stanley made 7 appearances for Chelsea, of which 1 were as a substitute.

Non-Competitive First-Team Matches Played

CompDateHome  AwayAtt
Anglo Scottish Cup2nd Aug 1975Chelsea10Bristol City7,515 match won Sub on
Anglo Scottish Cup6th Aug 1975Chelsea11Norwich City7,886 match drawn
Anglo Scottish Cup9th Aug 1975Fulham10Chelsea13,109 match lost
Anglo Scottish Cup7th Aug 1976Chelsea00Fulham12,001 match drawn
Anglo Scottish Cup14th Aug 1976Orient21Chelsea6,591 match lost
Anglo Scottish Cup6th Aug 1977Fulham10Chelsea9,821 match lost
Anglo Scottish Cup9th Aug 1977Chelsea20Orient5,702 match won

Non-First-Team Appearances

Season Appearances
1970 / 71 1 (1)
1972 / 73 1
Total2 (1)

Non-First-Team Goals


Figures in ( ) are substitute appearances and are also included in the totals.
i.e. Garry Stanley made 2 appearances for Chelsea, of which 1 were as a substitute.

Non-First-Team Matches Played

CompDateHome  AwayAtt
Friendly8th Aug 1970Slough Town21Chelsea1,500 match lost Sub on
Friendly14th Mar 1973British Police11Chelseaunknown match drawn

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Chelsea FC Player Garry Stanley

Games Won: 35
Win Percentage: 29.17%
Total Bookings: 9
Times Sent Off: 0


During his Chelsea first-team career of 120 appearances, Garry Stanley played alongside the following 38 players (number of appearances together in the same match-day squad in brackets)

Trevor Aylott (12)
Eamonn Bannon (14)
Brian Bason (10)
Peter Bonetti (64)
Petar Borota (7)
Ian Britton (88)
John Bumstead (5)
Gary Chivers (4)
Charlie Cooke (9)
John Dempsey (17)
Jim Docherty (2)
Micky Droy (53)
Mike Fillery (5)
Steve Finnieston (51)
Lee Frost (2)
Bill Garner (29)
Ron Harris (93)
David Hay (62)
Ian Hutchinson (10)
Bob Iles (6)
Gary Johnson (1)
Tommy Langley (55)
Ray Lewington (60)
Gary Locke (67)
Teddy Maybank (17)
Duncan McKenzie (16)
Micky Nutton (11)
Peter Osgood (10)
John Phillips (35)
Steve Sherwood (8)
John Sitton (9)
John Sparrow (20)
David Stride (28)
Kenny Swain (84)
Clive Walker (30)
Steve Wicks (77)
Graham Wilkins (67)
Ray Wilkins (113)