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It is the ultimate aim that this page will list every player that has ever played a non-competitve match, that hasn't made a competitive appearance. If you can help with any information on players then please mail me at

* competitive matches, for the purposes of this web site are League, FA Cup, League Cup, Full Members Cup, all UEFA & Fifa competitions including the Super Cup and The Charity / Community Shield. They do not include war time leagues, friendlies, testimonials, Anglo Scottish Cup and any other pre-season tournaments.

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There are currently 263 players in the database, that have been employed by Chelsea FC but hat not made first-team appearances for the club, as follows:


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Adams, ?
Adams, A
Akers, Walter
Allan, Cecil
Allott, Horace
Alsop, George
Anderson, ?
Andrews, James
Archibald, John
Atherton, Bobby
Aylward, Alfred


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Bailey, ?
Baker, ?
Baker, Gerry
Baldwin, Ken
Ball, ?
Ballard, C
Barraclough, Arthur
Barraclough, J
Barton, Colin
Beaumont, Frank
Bennett, ?
Betts, Jack
Biljohn, ?
Bird, Harold
Blair, Thomas
Borrows, John Edward
Bowles, EB
Boyd, S W
Bradley, Jack
Brady, Andrew
Brennan, ?
Bridge, W
Bridger, A
Brodie, John
Brown, Bill
Buchanan, ?
Buck, H
Budden, Austin Leslie
Bull, Harry
Bunyan, M
Burns, J
Butler, ?
Byrne, ?


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Cable, C
Caesar, Bill
Calvert, T
Calvey, Jack
Campbell, James
Cane, Harry
Carpenter, C
Carter, AG
Caswell, W
Chalmers, J
Chamberlain, ?
Chaplin, E G
Chapman, JW
Chitticks, Robert
Clare, ?
Clark, R
Coatbridge, ?
Coker, W
Cousins, Alfred
Creighton, John
Crews, Alexander Norman
Curnow, Reggie


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Davies, Thomas
Deacon, Richard
Denoon, John
Dine, ?
Dixon, ?
Dobbs, ?
Douglass, Norman
Dudley, ?
Duncan, John
Dunk, ?
Dyer, H


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Edwards, ?
Egbers, ?
Evans, F
Evans, FW
Eyre, Bernard


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Fieldman, Ivan
Fletcher, James
Foord, Edward
Ford, SJ


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Gaze, Gilbert
Gibb, William
Gill, L
Girdwood, David
Gleeson, Harry
Gold, Billy
Goodlad, William
Goodland, William
Goodwin, ?
Gray, J
Grey, T
Greygoose, W F
Gummer, George


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Hall, ?
Hampson, ?
Hanley, Fred
Hard, ?
Harmer, ?
Haron, ?
Harris, ?
Harris, H
Harris, W
Harrison, W
Hart, J
Hawkes, F
Hegarty, ?
Henderson, Sam
Herbert, Norris Thomas
Heron, ?
Hill, Bert
Hills, ?
Hoar, ?
Holling, J
Howitt, William
Hughes, Joseph
Humphrey, ?
Hunston, A
Hunt, ?
Hutchinson, J


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Izzard, ?


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James, ?
James, Dai
Jarvis, ?
Johnson, George
Jones, Francis E
Jones, W
Jones, Walter


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Kilduff, George
King, ?
Kinston, ?
Krug, Billy


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Laird, Alec
Lambert, E
Langham, ?
Law, ?
Lee, James
Leonard, ?
Lewis, ?
Lieven, Gordon
Livesey, Harry
Lloyd, ?
Lloyd, E
Lovell, Eric
Lyons, H B


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Mansell, Charles
Mansey, H
Martin, Edward
Mason, ?
McAngus, ?
McBride, Joseph
McDavid, ?
McDougall, ?
McFarlane, ?
McKenzie, Ronald
McLearie, ?
McLeod, Angus
McMillan, Stuart
Medlock, Owen
Melia, ?
Merrifield, Roy
Meynell, Thomas
Miller, Jimmy
Milne, ?
Moffat, ?
Moffat, G
Moore, ?
Morris, J
Morrison, J
Muncie, ?
Murgatroyd, J


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Nash, David
Newman, A
Nicholls, George
Nickalls, James
Nisbet, Boyd
Norman, Gordon


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O'Donnell, Rudolph Peter
Ovens, Gilbert James


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Page, ?
Pallett ,  J
Partridge, L
Peacock, A
Pease, ?
Phillips, P
Pollock, William
Potter, ?
Puddephatt, Ernest Frank
Pybus, George


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Raine, Thomas
Ramsey, R
Ransom, Harry
Rawlinson, ?
Ray, ?
Reid, ?
Reid, F
Reid, W
Renouf, D
Richards, Kenneth
Rickard, John
Robertson, James
Robertson, L D
Robey, George
Rogers, Peter J
Routledge, Willie


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Sanderson, ?
Scott, ?
Sedbury, ?
Seeburg, Max
Shiner, ?
Sillito, Harry
Sime, C
Slater, A
Smith, ?
Smith, Edmund William Alfred
Smith, George Henry
Smith, James Samuel
Smith, John Frederick
Smith, L
Smith, Stanley
Stancill, ?
Stannard, W. J.
Startup, Edward
Stevens, George
Stoodley, Claude
Storey, M
Sykes, J
Symington, ?


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Tant, W
Taylor, Albert
Taylor, B
Taylor, N
Taylor, W
Tebbett, ?
Tickle, George
Titmus, Fred
Trueman, ?


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Van Der Berg, ?
Vaux, Ted


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Wadey, ?
Walker, ?
Walker, J
Wardle, A
Warren, ?
Watson, Guy
Weaver, F
Webber, ?
Whiting, William
Whitley, ?
Whysall, ?
Wileman, Henage
Wilkie, J
Wilson, Thomas James
Witney, ?
Wood, ?
Wood, Norman


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Young, ?

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