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The website was born of frustration in the early years of the Internet, sometime in the early noughties. It was a time before Chelsea had their own website and before much at all about 'my team' was available anywhere online, especially it's history. I was eager to find some statistical information (I can't even remember what it was now) and on not being able to do so, decided I would create my own. As nothing was available online, I had to go out and buy what was available in print, starting with match programmes and a few books & yearbooks etc. and I slowly started transcribing all the statistical information I could find into a series of Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. Latterly, following some courses I had to attend for my 'day job', I converted what I had in Excel, into a Microsft Access database. From there, and again with the help of some self learning, I finally launched the website. It was inititally named 'CFCHistory', but at some point in the early 10's I settled on '' for obvious reasons.

Where I'm at

The database now has just well over 6,000 matches, of which well over 5,000 are classed as competitive, for which first team appearances and goals scored etc. are counted. There are profiles and collated appearance, scoring and disciplinary records for all 760+ players that have made first-team appearances, from the record holders such as Harris, Greaves, Terry etc. all the way down to those that have made just a few minutes of first-team appearance. I also have records for all the managers since 1905, as well as all those opposition players that have scored against Chelsea. I have also been fortunate enough in the last couple of years, to be involved in the Chelsea Graves Society, researching the 300+ former players, managers & significant others and documenting their final resting places and making our research available to everyone.

Going Forward

Working with The Graves Society, as well as members & the likeminded researchers of the 'Bygone Chelsea' Facebook group, it is intended to expand the scope of the website in the follwing months to include more information on reserves/juniors, significant others and also to expand to the womens team. Some of this work should be quite easy to accomplish with the current structure of the Database and website, but some things will maybe require much more in depth and fundamental changes to how things look and work. All this will go alongside the seemingly never ending job of keeping what I already have, up to date and accurate.

Chelsea Graves Society

I am a co-founder, along with Nathan Whitehouse, of The Chelsea Graves Society. You can see relevant information and research links for all applicable people stored in my database that have passed away, on their profile pages. Please click here for more information

Adverts & Donations

Except for the involvement of the Graves Society and Bygone Chelsea people over the last couple of years, this whole project has very much been a one-man-band. There has been a lot of expense involved in not only the purchase of many 100s of programmes and books, but also in hosting the site and of course my own time. I am currently (and have been for a good few years) been very lucky to have the site hosted for free by a friend, but this hasn't always been the case and neither is it guaranteed to be going forward. Currently the only offsetting income I have from the site is through the advertising that appears on it's pages. I do not wish to make it a subscription site as it goes against my view that it should be available to all, but what I have done is place a 'Paypal donate' button. Should enough people see fit to donate something small to the development and upkeep, then I will ultimately reduce and/or completely remove the amount of advertising. Should people not wish or be able to donate, they can still help by occasionally visiting some of the advertised sites. What I would also ask is that anyone using the site to (speed up their own) research, that they at least give a mention/acknowledgment of the site in their own work, thus building traffic and revenue in itself.

Please use the following button (or click this link) to make a donation.