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Date Name Total Goals
1Mon, 11 Sep 1905Jimmy Windridge3
2Sat, 30 Dec 1905James Robertson3
3Sat, 07 Apr 1906Jimmy Windridge3
4Sat, 01 Sep 1906George Hilsdon5
5Sat, 16 Feb 1907James Robertson3
6Sat, 06 Apr 1907Jimmy Windridge3
7Sat, 27 Apr 1907Jimmy Windridge3
8Sat, 23 Nov 1907George Hilsdon4
9Sat, 21 Dec 1907George Hilsdon3
10Sat, 11 Jan 1908George Hilsdon6
11Wed, 01 Apr 1908George Hilsdon3
12Sat, 14 Nov 1908George Hilsdon3
13Fri, 01 Jan 1909George Hilsdon3
14Mon, 26 Dec 1910George Hilsdon3
15Sat, 17 Feb 1912Bob Whittingham3
16Sat, 02 Mar 1912Bob Whittingham3
17Sat, 14 Sep 1912Vivian Woodward3
18Sat, 11 Jan 1913Bob Whittingham4
19Sat, 26 Apr 1913Harry Ford3
20Sat, 15 Nov 1919Jack Cock3
21Sat, 06 Sep 1924William Whitton3
22Mon, 08 Sep 1924William Whitton4
23Sat, 03 Jan 1925Harold Miller3
24Sat, 12 Sep 1925Bob Turnbull3
25Sat, 07 Nov 1925Bob Turnbull3
26Sat, 04 Dec 1926Willie Brown3
27Sat, 29 Jan 1927Bob Turnbull3
28Sat, 03 Dec 1927Jimmy Thompson4
29Wed, 14 Mar 1928Jimmy Thompson3
30Wed, 26 Dec 1928Jimmy Thompson3
31Sat, 06 Sep 1930Alec Cheyne3
32Thu, 14 Apr 1932Hughie Gallacher3
33Wed, 03 May 1933Hughie Gallacher3
34Sat, 08 Dec 1934Dick Spence4
35Sat, 16 Mar 1935Joe Bambrick4
36Sat, 30 Mar 1935Dick Spence3
37Sat, 27 Apr 1935Joe Bambrick4
38Wed, 04 Sep 1935Joe Bambrick3
39Wed, 15 Jan 1936Joe Bambrick3
40Sat, 18 Apr 1936Dick Spence3
41Sat, 28 Nov 1936George Mills3
42Wed, 03 Feb 1937George Mills3
43Sat, 28 Aug 1937George Mills3
44Sat, 30 Oct 1937Jimmy Argue3
45Sat, 14 Jan 1939Joe Payne3
46Sat, 14 Dec 1946Tommy Lawton3
47Sat, 15 Nov 1947Ken Armstrong3
48Sat, 16 Feb 1952Jimmy D'Arcy3
49Mon, 03 Mar 1952Bobby Smith3
50Tue, 25 Aug 1953Jim Lewis3
51Sat, 19 Dec 1953John McNichol3
52Sat, 16 Oct 1954Seamus O'Connell3
53Sat, 12 Feb 1955Roy Bentley3
54Sat, 31 Dec 1955Frank Blunstone3
55Sat, 14 Apr 1956Roy Bentley3
56Sat, 29 Sep 1956Jim Lewis3
57Wed, 25 Dec 1957Jimmy Greaves4
58Sat, 15 Feb 1958Jimmy Greaves3
59Sat, 30 Aug 1958Jimmy Greaves5
60Sat, 27 Sep 1958Jimmy Greaves3
61Sat, 22 Aug 1959Jimmy Greaves3
62Wed, 16 Sep 1959Jimmy Greaves3
63Sat, 19 Dec 1959Jimmy Greaves5
64Sat, 27 Aug 1960Jimmy Greaves3
65Wed, 07 Sep 1960Jimmy Greaves3
66Sat, 05 Nov 1960Ron Tindall3
67Sat, 19 Nov 1960Jimmy Greaves3
68Sat, 03 Dec 1960Jimmy Greaves5
69Sat, 25 Mar 1961Jimmy Greaves4
70Sat, 29 Apr 1961Jimmy Greaves4
71Sat, 09 Sep 1961Bobby Tambling3
72Sat, 07 Oct 1961Bobby Tambling3
73Sat, 25 Nov 1961Barry Bridges3
74Sat, 27 Oct 1962Bobby Tambling3
75Sat, 22 Dec 1962Bobby Tambling4
76Tue, 21 May 1963Bobby Tambling4
77Sat, 14 Mar 1964Bobby Tambling4
78Sat, 03 Oct 1964Barry Bridges3
79Sat, 21 Nov 1964George Graham3
80Wed, 22 Sep 1965Terry Venables3
81Sat, 17 Sep 1966Bobby Tambling5
82Sat, 19 Oct 1968Tommy Baldwin3
83Thu, 26 Dec 1968David Webb3
84Sat, 22 Feb 1969Bobby Tambling4
85Sat, 27 Dec 1969Peter Osgood4
86Sat, 31 Jan 1970Peter Osgood3
87Sat, 21 Feb 1970Peter Osgood3
88Wed, 15 Sep 1971Peter Osgood3
89Wed, 29 Sep 1971Peter Osgood5
89Wed, 29 Sep 1971Tommy Baldwin3
91Mon, 08 Nov 1971Tommy Baldwin3
92Wed, 11 Sep 1974Chris Garland3
93Sat, 14 May 1977Steve Finnieston3
94Sat, 31 Dec 1977Tommy Langley3
95Sat, 10 Nov 1979Lee Frost3
96Sat, 25 Oct 1980Colin Lee3
97Sat, 30 Jan 1982Clive Walker3
98Sat, 17 Apr 1982Clive Walker3
99Tue, 13 Sep 1983Kerry Dixon4
100Tue, 06 Dec 1983Paul Canoville3
101Sat, 28 Apr 1984Kerry Dixon3
102Sat, 03 Nov 1984Kerry Dixon3
103Wed, 21 Nov 1984Kerry Dixon3
104Sat, 22 Dec 1984Gordon Davies3
105Sat, 26 Jan 1985Kerry Dixon4
106Wed, 04 Dec 1985Kerry Dixon3
107Sun, 23 Mar 1986David Speedie3
108Wed, 07 Oct 1987Gordon Durie3
109Sat, 04 Feb 1989Gordon Durie5
110Sat, 01 Apr 1989Kerry Dixon4
111Tue, 28 Nov 1989Alan Dickens3
112Sat, 05 May 1990Kerry Dixon3
113Sun, 04 Feb 1996Gavin Peacock3
114Sat, 13 Apr 1996Mark Hughes3
115Sun, 24 Aug 1997Gianluca Vialli4
116Thu, 06 Nov 1997Gianluca Vialli3
117Sat, 29 Nov 1997Gianfranco Zola3
118Sat, 06 Dec 1997Tore André Flo3
119Wed, 28 Oct 1998Gianluca Vialli3
120Sat, 11 Dec 1999Gus Poyet3
121Sat, 21 Oct 2000Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink4
122Wed, 13 Mar 2002Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink3
123Sat, 27 Mar 2004Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink3
124Sat, 23 Oct 2004Eiður Guðjohnsen3
125Wed, 27 Sep 2006Didier Drogba3
126Sat, 11 Nov 2006Didier Drogba3
127Sat, 06 Jan 2007Frank Lampard3
128Wed, 31 Oct 2007Frank Lampard3
129Wed, 12 Mar 2008Frank Lampard4
130Sat, 01 Nov 2008Nicolas Anelka3
131Sat, 14 Feb 2009Nicolas Anelka3
132Sat, 27 Mar 2010Frank Lampard4
133Sun, 25 Apr 2010Salomon Kalou3
134Sun, 09 May 2010Didier Drogba3
135Sat, 14 Aug 2010Didier Drogba3
136Sun, 02 Oct 2011Frank Lampard3
137Sun, 29 Apr 2012Fernando Torres3
138Sun, 19 Jan 2014Samuel Eto'o3
139Sat, 08 Feb 2014Eden Hazard3
140Sat, 01 Mar 2014André Schürrle3
141Sat, 13 Sep 2014Diego Costa3
142Sun, 31 Jan 2016 Oscar3
143Wed, 20 Sep 2017Michy Batshuayi3
144Sat, 23 Sep 2017Álvaro Morata3
145Sat, 15 Sep 2018Eden Hazard3
146Thu, 25 Oct 2018Ruben Loftus-Cheek3
147Thu, 14 Mar 2019Olivier Giroud3
148Sat, 14 Sep 2019Tammy Abraham3
149Sat, 26 Oct 2019Christian Pulisic3
150Wed, 23 Sep 2020Kai Havertz3
151Wed, 02 Dec 2020Olivier Giroud4
152Sun, 24 Jan 2021Tammy Abraham3
153Sat, 23 Oct 2021Mason Mount3

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