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Chelsea FC Profile: Tommy Miller

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Full Name: Thomas Miller

Born: Saturday, 29th April 1882
Place of birth: Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland
Died: Date of death unknown

Involvement with Chelsea:

Men's 1st Team Player from 1905 to 1909

Playing Career:

Chelsea (May 1905 to May 1909) - cost: unknown - Released
--->Dundee Hibernian (L)
Hamilton Academical

* (L) = On Loan
* Released = Contract not renewed by Chelsea

Chelsea First-Team Career Summary

Competitive Debut: Saturday, 2nd September 1905, Stockport County 1 - 0 Chelsea

Age on debut: 23 years 4 months 4 days

100th Appearance: Monday, 7th September 1908, Preston North End 6 - 0 Chelsea

Last Competitive First-Team Appearance: Monday, 22nd March 1909, The Wednesday 5 - 1 Chelsea


Season League F.A. Cup Lg Cup Europe Oth* Ttl
1905 / 06 24200026
1906 / 07 38200040
1907 / 08 30100031
1908 / 09 20300023


Season League F.A. Cup Lg Cup Europe Oth* Ttl

* oth = other competitive matches such as Full Members Cup, Charity/Community Shield, Fifa World Club Cup.
Figures in ( ) are substitute appearances and are also included in the totals.
i.e. Tommy Miller made 120 appearances for Chelsea, of which 0 were as a substitute.

Competitive Matches Played

CompDateHome  AwayAtt
League2nd Sep 1905Stockport County10Chelsea7,000 match lost
F.A. Cup7th Oct 1905Chelsea61First Grenadier Guards5,000 match won
F.A. Cup18th Nov 1905Crystal Palace71Chelsea3,000 match lost
League9th Dec 1905Chelsea20Grimsby Town7,000 match won
League16th Dec 1905Gainsborough Trinity02Chelsea8,000 match won
League23rd Dec 1905Chelsea00Bristol City25,000 match drawn
League25th Dec 1905Manchester United00Chelsea35,000 match drawn
League26th Dec 1905Glossop24Chelsea6,000 match won
League30th Dec 1905Chelsea42Stockport County12,000 match won
League6th Jan 1906Chelsea60Blackpool6,000 match won
League20th Jan 1906Chelsea42Bradford City14,000 match won
League27th Jan 1906West Bromwich Albion11Chelsea25,000 match drawn
League5th Feb 1906Chelsea33Leicester Fosse6,000 match drawn
League10th Feb 1906Hull City43Chelsea7,000 match lost
League17th Feb 1906Chelsea42Lincoln City3,000 match won
League24th Feb 1906Chesterfield Town02Chelsea7,000 match won
League3rd Mar 1906Chelsea70Burslem Port Vale10,000 match won
League10th Mar 1906Barnsley12Chelsea7,900 match won
League17th Mar 1906Chelsea61Clapton Orient15,000 match won
League24th Mar 1906Burnley20Chelsea8,000 match lost
League31st Mar 1906Chelsea40Leeds City9,000 match won
League7th Apr 1906Burton United24Chelsea10,000 match won
League13th Apr 1906Chelsea11Manchester United67,000 match drawn
League14th Apr 1906Grimsby Town11Chelsea6,000 match drawn
League16th Apr 1906Chelsea00Glossop30,000 match drawn
League28th Apr 1906Bristol City21Chelsea14,000 match lost
League1st Sep 1906Chelsea92Glossop12,000 match won
League8th Sep 1906Blackpool00Chelsea6,000 match drawn
League15th Sep 1906Chelsea51Bradford City10,000 match won
League22nd Sep 1906West Bromwich Albion12Chelsea25,562 match won
League29th Sep 1906Chelsea10Leicester Fosse20,000 match won
League6th Oct 1906Nottingham Forest31Chelsea24,000 match lost
League13th Oct 1906Chelsea20Lincoln City10,000 match won
League20th Oct 1906Burton United21Chelsea4,000 match lost
League27th Oct 1906Chelsea20Grimsby Town18,000 match won
League3rd Nov 1906Burslem Port Vale20Chelsea5,000 match lost
League10th Nov 1906Chelsea20Burnley10,000 match won
League17th Nov 1906Leeds City01Chelsea8,000 match won
League24th Nov 1906Chelsea21Barnsley14,000 match won
League1st Dec 1906Chesterfield Town00Chelsea6,000 match drawn
League8th Dec 1906Wolverhampton Wanderers12Chelsea8,000 match won
League15th Dec 1906Chelsea21Clapton Orient15,000 match won
League22nd Dec 1906Gainsborough Trinity11Chelsea3,000 match drawn
League25th Dec 1906Hull City01Chelsea16,000 match won
League29th Dec 1906Glossop01Chelsea4,000 match won
League1st Jan 1907Stockport County12Chelsea7,000 match won
League5th Jan 1907Chelsea30Blackpool15,000 match won
F.A. Cup12th Jan 1907Lincoln City22Chelsea5,000 match drawn
F.A. Cup16th Jan 1907Chelsea01Lincoln City11,883 match lost
League26th Jan 1907Chelsea20West Bromwich Albion41,168 match won
League2nd Feb 1907Leicester Fosse11Chelsea17,000 match drawn
League9th Feb 1907Chelsea02Nottingham Forest15,000 match lost
League16th Feb 1907Lincoln City05Chelsea3,000 match won
League23rd Feb 1907Chelsea10Burton United11,000 match won
League2nd Mar 1907Grimsby Town21Chelsea6,000 match lost
League4th Mar 1907Chelsea20Stockport County8,000 match won
League9th Mar 1907Chelsea21Burslem Port Vale8,000 match won
League16th Mar 1907Burnley11Chelsea7,000 match drawn
League19th Mar 1907Bradford City63Chelsea6,000 match lost
League23rd Mar 1907Chelsea20Leeds City25,000 match won
League29th Mar 1907Chelsea30Hull City48,000 match won
League30th Mar 1907Barnsley31Chelsea5,000 match lost
League6th Apr 1907Chelsea71Chesterfield Town12,000 match won
League13th Apr 1907Chelsea40Wolverhampton Wanderers30,000 match won
League20th Apr 1907Clapton Orient01Chelsea18,000 match won
League27th Apr 1907Chelsea41Gainsborough Trinity15,000 match won
League7th Sep 1907Chelsea24Sheffield United25,000 match lost
League5th Oct 1907Blackburn Rovers20Chelsea10,000 match lost
League19th Oct 1907Birmingham11Chelsea20,000 match drawn
League26th Oct 1907Chelsea21Everton50,000 match won
League2nd Nov 1907Sunderland30Chelsea13,000 match lost
League9th Nov 1907Chelsea21Woolwich Arsenal55,000 match won
League16th Nov 1907The Wednesday31Chelsea22,000 match lost
League23rd Nov 1907Chelsea41Bristol City20,000 match won
League30th Nov 1907Notts County20Chelsea12,000 match lost
League2nd Dec 1907Chelsea10Blackburn Rovers18,000 match won
League7th Dec 1907Chelsea22Manchester City50,000 match drawn
League21st Dec 1907Chelsea34Bury35,000 match lost
League25th Dec 1907Liverpool14Chelsea30,000 match won
League26th Dec 1907Chelsea10Middlesbrough40,000 match won
League28th Dec 1907Aston Villa00Chelsea30,000 match drawn
League1st Jan 1908Middlesbrough31Chelsea30,000 match lost
League4th Jan 1908Sheffield United03Chelsea5,000 match won
League18th Jan 1908Chelsea04Nottingham Forest35,000 match lost
League25th Jan 1908Manchester United10Chelsea30,000 match lost
F.A. Cup1st Feb 1908Manchester United10Chelsea25,184 match lost
League8th Feb 1908Bolton Wanderers12Chelsea18,000 match won
League15th Feb 1908Chelsea22Birmingham30,000 match drawn
League29th Feb 1908Chelsea21Sunderland32,000 match won
League7th Mar 1908Woolwich Arsenal00Chelsea30,000 match drawn
League21st Mar 1908Bristol City00Chelsea15,000 match drawn
League1st Apr 1908Everton03Chelsea10,000 match won
League4th Apr 1908Manchester City03Chelsea40,000 match won
League11th Apr 1908Chelsea00Preston North End40,000 match drawn
League18th Apr 1908Bury11Chelsea11,000 match drawn
League20th Apr 1908Chelsea02Liverpool40,000 match lost
League25th Apr 1908Chelsea13Aston Villa30,000 match lost
League1st Sep 1908Chelsea00Preston North End25,000 match drawn
League5th Sep 1908Liverpool21Chelsea25,000 match lost
League7th Sep 1908Preston North End60Chelsea6,000 match lost
League17th Oct 1908Chelsea22The Wednesday25,000 match drawn
League24th Oct 1908Blackburn Rovers20Chelsea15,000 match lost
League7th Nov 1908Manchester United01Chelsea20,000 match won
League14th Nov 1908Chelsea33Everton40,000 match drawn
League21st Nov 1908Leicester Fosse52Chelsea15,000 match lost
League28th Nov 1908Chelsea12Woolwich Arsenal55,000 match lost
League5th Dec 1908Notts County30Chelsea12,000 match lost
League25th Dec 1908Manchester City12Chelsea35,000 match won
League26th Dec 1908Chelsea12Manchester City40,000 match lost
League1st Jan 1909Middlesbrough14Chelsea25,000 match won
League2nd Jan 1909Chelsea30Liverpool30,000 match won
F.A. Cup16th Jan 1909Hull City11Chelsea18,100 match drawn
F.A. Cup20th Jan 1909Chelsea10Hull City25,792 match won
League23rd Jan 1909Chelsea11Sheffield United25,000 match drawn
League30th Jan 1909Aston Villa00Chelsea18,000 match drawn
F.A. Cup6th Feb 1909Blackburn Rovers21Chelsea31,897 match lost
League13th Feb 1909Sunderland12Chelsea16,000 match won
League27th Feb 1909Chelsea11Blackburn Rovers10,000 match drawn
League13th Mar 1909Chelsea11Manchester United30,000 match drawn
League22nd Mar 1909The Wednesday51Chelsea12,000 match lost

Non-Competitive First-Team Appearances

Season Appearances
1905 / 06 4
1906 / 07 2
1908 / 09 1

Non-Competitive First-Team Goals

1906 / 07 1

Figures in ( ) are substitute appearances and are also included in the totals.
i.e. Tommy Miller made 7 appearances for Chelsea, of which 0 were as a substitute.

Non-Competitive First-Team Matches Played

CompDateHome  AwayAtt
Friendly19th Aug 1905Chelsea10Chelsea0 match lost
Friendly24th Aug 1905Chelsea70Chelsea0 match lost
Friendly4th Sep 1905Chelsea40Liverpool6,000 match won
Friendly13th Dec 1905Chelsea01Corinthians (UK)8,000 match lost
Friendly12th Sep 1906Crystal Palace40Chelsea2,000 match lost
Friendly19th Sep 1906New Brompton24Chelsea1,000 match won scored 1 goal
Friendly20th Feb 1909Chelsea10Fulham20,000 match won

Non-First-Team Appearances

Season Appearances
1905 / 06 16
1906 / 07 7
1907 / 08 2
1908 / 09 3

Non-First-Team Goals

1905 / 06 1
1907 / 08 2

Figures in ( ) are substitute appearances and are also included in the totals.
i.e. Tommy Miller made 28 appearances for Chelsea, of which 0 were as a substitute.

Non-First-Team Matches Played

CompDateHome  AwayAtt
Reserve League9th Sep 1905Chelsea70Eastbourne FC500 match won
Reserve League16th Sep 1905Chelsea41Grays United0 match won
Friendly21st Sep 1905Chelsea60Marcians2,000 match won
Reserve League23rd Sep 1905Queens Park Rangers10Chelsea0 match lost
Reserve League30th Sep 1905Grays United50Chelsea0 match lost
Reserve League14th Oct 1905Chelsea23Hitchen Town0 match lost
Reserve League21st Oct 1905Hitchen Town32Chelsea0 match lost
Reserve League28th Oct 1905Watford03Chelsea800 match won
Reserve League4th Nov 1905Maidstone United20Chelsea0 match lost
Reserve League11th Nov 1905Chelsea26Queens Park Rangers0 match lost
Reserve League25th Nov 1905Chelsea12Tottenham Hotspur0 match lost
Reserve League2nd Dec 1905Luton Town41Chelsea0 match lost
Reserve League11th Jan 1906Chelsea40Watford0 match won
Reserve League13th Jan 1906Chelsea51Barnet Alston Works0 match won
Reserve League3rd Mar 1906Barnet Alston Works23Chelsea0 match won
Reserve League26th Apr 1906Chelsea60Enfield0 match won scored 1 goal
Reserve League3rd Sep 1906Fulham00Chelsea10,000 match drawn
Reserve League10th Sep 1906Brentford31Chelsea8,000 match lost
Reserve League24th Sep 1906Chelsea00Reading2,000 match drawn
Reserve League15th Oct 1906Queens Park Rangers10Chelsea2,000 match lost
Reserve League19th Nov 1906Chelsea02Queens Park Rangers2,000 match lost
Reserve League3rd Dec 1906Chelsea03Bristol Rovers2,000 match lost
Reserve League26th Dec 1906Chelsea21Fulham16,000 match won
Reserve League28th Sep 1907Leyton10Chelsea0 match lost
Reserve League12th Oct 1907Hitchen Town26Chelsea0 match won scored 2 goals
Reserve League26th Sep 1908Tottenham Hotspur11Chelsea3,000 match drawn
Reserve League12th Oct 1908Chelsea23Crystal Palace0 match lost
Reserve League12th Apr 1909Portsmouth02Chelsea1,336 match won

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Name previoulsy had 'Currie' as middle name and DoD as unknown date in 1932 - both removed Dec 2023

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Chelsea FC Player Tommy Miller

Games Won: 57
Win Percentage: 47.5%
Total Bookings: 0
Times Sent Off: 0


During his Chelsea first-team career of 120 appearances, Tommy Miller played alongside the following 48 players (number of appearances together in the same match-day squad in brackets)

Ted Birnie (76)
Billy Brawn (42)
Ron Brebner (1)
Billy Bridgeman (45)
Robert Bush (4)
Michael Byrne (4)
Jack Cameron (51)
David Copeland (18)
James Craigie (2)
Charles Donaghy (3)
Angus Douglas (4)
Norrie Fairgray (38)
William Foulke (22)
Charlie Freeman (1)
James Frost (21)
Johnny Goodwin (1)
H Harris (1)
George Henderson (57)
George Hilsdon (79)
Percy Humphreys (19)
George Kennedy (9)
George Key (36)
Jack Kirwan (60)
Bob Mackie (28)
Tommy Mair (4)
David McCartney (3)
Tommy McDermott (26)
Bob McEwan (6)
Bob McRoberts (78)
Martin Moran (47)
Francis O'Hara (2)
Frank Pearson (21)
Willie Porter (3)
Peter Proudfoot (10)
Jacky Robertson (27)
James Robertson (28)
Arthur Robinson (1)
Fred Rouse (38)
Jimmy Stark (27)
Walter Toomer (1)
Joseph Walton (40)
Ben Warren (21)
James Watson (4)
Ben Whitehouse (10)
Bob Whiting (50)
Jack Whitley (42)
Jimmy Windridge (88)
Fred Wolff (1)