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Manager Profile: Jacky Robertson

Full Name: John Tait Robertson

Born: Sunday, 25th February 1877
Place of Birth: Dumbarton, Scotland
Died: Thursday, 24th January 1935

Managerial Record

Manager from: May, 1905
Manager until: November, 1906

PlayedWonDrawnLostForAgainstWin %Goals / Game
F.A. Cup32018866.67%2.67
Players In

May 1905Jacky Robertsonunknown
May 1905Jack Kirwanunknown
May 1905Michael Byrneunknown
May 1905Frank Wolffunknown
May 1905Tommy Millerunknown
Jul 1905Walter Toomerunknown
Jul 1905David Copelandunknown
Jul 1905Martin Moranunknown
Jul 1905Willie Porterunknown
Aug 1905Bob McRoberts£100
Aug 1905Bob McEwanunknown
Aug 1905Bob Mackieunknown
Aug 1905Jimmy Windridge£190
Aug 1905George Keyunknown
Aug 1905James Robertson£50
Aug 1905Charles Harrisunknown
Aug 1905James Craigieunknown
Aug 1905Francis O'Haraunknown
Sep 1905James Watsonunknown
Sep 1905William Foulke£20
Sep 1905James Fletcherunknown
Sep 1905Charles Donaghyunknown
Oct 1905Frank Pearson£250
Oct 1905Tommy McDermottunknown
Jan 1906Ron Brebnerunknown
Jan 1906Joseph Waltonunknown
Apr 1906Geordie Hendersonunknown
Apr 1906Peter Proudfootunknown
Apr 1906Bob Whitingunknown
May 1906George Hilsdonunknown
Jul 1906Robert Bushunknown
Aug 1906David McCartneyunknown
Aug 1906Ted Birnieunknown
Nov 1906Billy Bridgemanunknown
Nov 1906Ben Whitehouseunknown
Players Out

Apr 1906William Foulke
May 1906Frank Wolff
May 1906Francis O'Hara
Jun 1906James Fletcher
Jun 1906Walter Toomer
Jun 1906James Watson
Aug 1906Bob McEwan
Sep 1906Charles Donaghy
Sep 1906Michael Byrne
Oct 1906Frank Pearson
Oct 1906Jacky Robertson
Nov 1906Tommy McDermott

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