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Date Name Total Goals
1Sun, 04 Oct 1992Joanna Smith3
2Sun, 08 Nov 1992Joanna Smith3
Sun, 08 Nov 1992Julie Newell3
Sun, 08 Nov 1992Val Lightfoot3
5Sun, 15 Nov 1992Julie Newell4
6Sun, 13 Dec 1992Joanna Smith3
7Sun, 21 Feb 1993Julie Newell3
8Sun, 31 Oct 1993Julie Newell3
9Sun, 14 Nov 1993Joanna Smith3
10Sun, 28 Nov 1993Karen Drew3
11Sun, 19 Dec 1993Julie Newell4
12Sun, 30 Jan 1994Julie Newell3
13Sun, 09 Oct 1994Julie Newell3
14Sun, 30 Oct 1994Julie Newell3
15Sun, 06 Nov 1994Julie Newell5
16Sat, 03 Dec 1994Emily Stanghon3
17Sun, 09 Apr 1995Clare Wheatley3
18Sun, 17 Sep 1995Julie Newell4
Sun, 17 Sep 1995Emily Stanghon4
20Sun, 01 Oct 1995Julie Newell4
21Sun, 15 Oct 1995Julie Newell3
22Sun, 25 Feb 1996Emily Stanghon3
23Sun, 23 Feb 1997Emily Stanghon3
24Sun, 07 Sep 1997Julie Newell3
25Sun, 21 Sep 1997Julie Newell3
26Sun, 19 Oct 1997Emily Stanghon3
27Sun, 21 Dec 1997Emily Stanghon3
28Sun, 11 Jan 1998Lindsey Creegan4
Sun, 11 Jan 1998Emily Stanghon6
30Sun, 25 Jan 1998Emily Stanghon4
Sun, 25 Jan 1998Julie Newell3
32Sun, 05 Apr 1998Emily Stanghon4
Sun, 05 Apr 1998Casey Stoney3
34Sun, 04 Oct 1998Emily Stanghon3
Sun, 04 Oct 1998Julie Newell3
36Sun, 20 Dec 1998Nicola Dunsdon3
37Sun, 21 Feb 1999Fara Williams3
38Sun, 28 Feb 1999Fara Williams4
Sun, 28 Feb 1999Sarah Cox3
40Thu, 25 Mar 1999Emily Stanghon3
41Sun, 18 Apr 1999Fara Williams5
42Sun, 29 Aug 1999Wendy Martin3
43Sun, 12 Sep 1999Emily Stanghon3
44Sun, 03 Oct 1999Wendy Martin3
45Wed, 27 Oct 1999Wendy Martin3
46Sun, 31 Oct 1999Emily Stanghon5
Sun, 31 Oct 1999Wendy Martin3
48Sun, 23 Jan 2000Emily Stanghon3
49Sun, 06 Feb 2000Wendy Martin3
50Sun, 20 Feb 2000Wendy Martin5
51Sun, 12 Mar 2000Emily Stanghon4
52Sun, 19 Mar 2000Emily Stanghon3
53Sun, 26 Mar 2000Wendy Martin9
Sun, 26 Mar 2000Emily Stanghon5
55Sun, 23 Apr 2000Wendy Martin3
56Sun, 03 Sep 2000Fara Williams3
57Sun, 08 Oct 2000Emily Stanghon6
58Sun, 03 Dec 2000Dani Kemp3
59Sun, 18 Feb 2001Fara Williams4
60Sun, 01 Apr 2001Fara Williams4
61Sun, 19 Aug 2001Emily Stanghon3
Sun, 19 Aug 2001Dani Kemp3
63Sun, 18 Nov 2001Chantelle White3
64Sun, 10 Feb 2002Wendy Martin5
Sun, 10 Feb 2002Chantelle White3
66Sun, 08 Sep 2002Emily Stanghon3
67Sun, 26 Jan 2003Chantelle White4
Sun, 26 Jan 2003Heather Gravett4
69Sun, 23 Feb 2003Heather Gravett3
70Sun, 14 Dec 2003Nina Downham3
Sun, 14 Dec 2003Holly Grogan3
Sun, 14 Dec 2003Clare Stevens3
Sun, 14 Dec 2003Ana Wagner3
74Sun, 07 Mar 2004Sam Jones3
75Sun, 04 Apr 2004Sam Jones4
76Wed, 07 Apr 2004Nina Downham4
77Sun, 19 Sep 2004Nina Downham5
78Sun, 14 Nov 2004Lisa Langrish5
Sun, 14 Nov 2004Nina Downham3
80Sun, 12 Dec 2004Nicki de la Salle3
81Sun, 19 Dec 2004Nina Downham5
Sun, 19 Dec 2004Lisa Langrish3
Sun, 19 Dec 2004Nicki de la Salle3
84Sun, 09 Jan 2005Lisa Langrish3
85Sun, 06 Mar 2005Nina Downham3
86Sun, 13 Mar 2005Nina Downham3
87Sun, 27 Mar 2005Nina Downham3
88Sun, 18 Dec 2005Ellen White5
89Sun, 10 Sep 2006Jodian Clarke3
90Sun, 15 Oct 2006Nina Downham9
91Sun, 22 Oct 2006Ellen White3
92Sun, 17 Dec 2006Nina Downham5
Sun, 17 Dec 2006Emma Delves4
94Sun, 21 Jan 2007Ellen White4
95Sun, 06 Jan 2008Ellen White3
96Sun, 17 Aug 2008Lianne Sanderson3
97Thu, 28 Aug 2008Eniola Aluko3
98Sun, 04 Jan 2009Eniola Aluko3
99Sun, 13 Sep 2009Emma Whitter4
100Sun, 27 Sep 2009Casey Stoney3
101Thu, 15 Oct 2009Stef Curtis3
102Sun, 01 Nov 2009Lianne Sanderson3
103Thu, 08 Apr 2010Dunia Susi3
104Sun, 20 May 2012Helen Ward3
105Sun, 13 Jul 2014Rachel Williams3
106Sun, 22 Mar 2015Marija Banušić3
107Sun, 30 Aug 2015Marija Banušić3
Sun, 30 Aug 2015Rosella Ayane4
109Sun, 03 Apr 2016So-Yun Ji3
110Sun, 17 Dec 2017Fran Kirby3
111Sun, 04 Feb 2018Erin Cuthbert3
112Wed, 31 Oct 2018Fran Kirby3
113Wed, 20 Feb 2019Fran Kirby3
Wed, 20 Feb 2019Beth England3
115Wed, 13 Mar 2019Fran Kirby3
116Tue, 07 May 2019Beth England3
117Sun, 06 Dec 2020Sam Kerr3
118Sun, 10 Jan 2021Fran Kirby4
119Wed, 03 Feb 2021Pernille Harder3
120Sun, 14 Mar 2021Sam Kerr3
121Sun, 04 Apr 2021Sam Kerr3
122Sun, 21 Nov 2021Sam Kerr3
123Wed, 19 Jan 2022Pernille Harder3
124Wed, 26 Oct 2022Sam Kerr4
Wed, 26 Oct 2022Pernille Harder3
126Sun, 29 Jan 2023Sam Kerr3
127Thu, 09 Feb 2023Sam Kerr4

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