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Chelsea FC Profile: Nicola Dunsdon

| Player Summary |

Full Name: Nicola Dunsdon

Born: Date of birth unknown
Place of birth: Unknown, Unknown

Involvement with Chelsea:

Women's 1st Team Player from 1998 to 2002

Playing Career:

Chelsea (Jul 1998 to Jul 2002) - cost: unknown

Chelsea First-Team Career Summary

Competitive Debut: Sunday, 27th September 1998, Redbridge Wanderers 0 - 2 Chelsea (Sub)

Last Competitive First-Team Appearance: Sunday, 25th November 2001, Millwall Lionesses 6 - 1 Chelsea (Substitute)


Season League F.A. Cup Lg Cup Europe Oth* Ttl
1998 / 99 7 (4)3 (3)001 (1)11 (8)
1999 / 00 18 (13)3 (3)3 (2)03 (3)27 (21)
2000 / 01 12 (5)01 (1)01 (1)14 (7)
2001 / 02 3 (3)0101 (1)5 (4)
Total40 (25)6 (6)5 (3)06 (6)57 (40)


Season League F.A. Cup Lg Cup Europe Oth* Ttl
1998 / 99 400004
1999 / 00 510006
2000 / 01 200002
2001 / 02 001012

* oth = other competitive matches such as Full Members Cup, Charity/Community Shield, Fifa World Club Cup.
Figures in ( ) are substitute appearances and are also included in the totals.
i.e. Nicola Dunsdon made 57 appearances for Chelsea, of which 40 were as a substitute.

Competitive Matches Played

CompDateHome  AwayAtt
Women's FA Cup27th Sep 1998Redbridge Wanderers02Chelsea0 match won Sub on
Women's FA Cup1st Nov 1998Hampton25Chelsea0 match won Sub on
League20th Dec 1998Chelsea70Crowborough0 match won Sub onscored 3 goals
Women's FA Cup10th Jan 1999Chelsea011Arsenal0 match lost Sub on
League31st Jan 1999Walkern08Chelsea0 match won Sub onscored 1 goal
League25th Mar 1999Hassocks05Chelsea0 match won
Berks & Bucks County Cup28th Mar 1999Reading Royals12Chelsea0 match won Sub on
League7th Apr 1999Chelsea20Bedford Belles0 match won
League14th Apr 1999Chelsea32Enfield0 match won
League16th Apr 1999Crowborough Athletic06Chelsea0 match won Sub on
League18th Apr 1999Chelsea61Hampton0 match won Sub on
League12th Sep 1999Canary Racers09Chelsea0 match won Sub on
League26th Sep 1999Charlton Athletic14Chelsea0 match won Sub on
League3rd Oct 1999Chelsea80Bedford Belles0 match won scored 1 goal
Women's FA Cup10th Oct 1999Queens Park Rangers05Chelsea0 match won Sub onscored 1 goal
League17th Oct 1999Chelsea42Hampton0 match won Sub on
League24th Oct 1999Northampton04Chelsea0 match won Sub on
League27th Oct 1999Chelsea31Watford0 match won Sub on
League31st Oct 1999Chelsea122Crowborough Athletic0 match won Sub onscored 1 goal
Women's FA Cup7th Nov 1999Chelsea21West Ham United0 match won Sub on
League10th Nov 1999Watford04Chelsea0 match won Sub on
League14th Nov 1999Hampton23Chelsea0 match won
League28th Nov 1999Chelsea50Clapton0 match won Sub on
League5th Dec 1999Stowmarket Town13Chelsea0 match won Sub on
Women's FA Cup12th Dec 1999Cardiff City22Chelsea0 match drawn Sub on
Berks & Bucks County Cup16th Jan 2000Chelsea40Denham United0 match won Sub on
League23rd Jan 2000Chelsea51Canary Racers0 match won Sub on
League30th Jan 2000Chelsea50Enfield Town0 match won Sub on
League6th Feb 2000Abbey Rangers014Chelsea0 match won scored 2 goals
Berks & Bucks County Cup20th Feb 2000Chelsea70Chesham0 match won Sub on
League27th Feb 2000Bedford Belles12Chelsea0 match won Sub on
Women's League Cup5th Mar 2000Chelsea30Charlton Athletic0 match won
League12th Mar 2000Chelsea70Northampton0 match won scored 1 goal
Berks & Bucks County Cup19th Mar 2000Reading Royals14Chelsea0 match won Sub on
League26th Mar 2000Chelsea220Abbey Rangers0 match won
Women's League Cup2nd Apr 2000Enfield24Chelsea0 match won Sub on
League23rd Apr 2000Chelsea51Charlton Athletic0 match won Sub on
Women's League Cup30th Apr 2000Bedford Belles12Chelsea0 match won Sub on
League20th Aug 2000Wimbledon22Chelsea0 match drawn scored 1 goal
League27th Aug 2000Chelsea22Ipswich Town0 match drawn
League3rd Sep 2000Langford Town14Chelsea0 match won
Women's League Cup24th Sep 2000Tranmere Rovers71Chelsea0 match lost Sub on
League1st Oct 2000Chelsea33Wembley Mill Hill0 match drawn Sub onscored 1 goal
League8th Oct 2000Reading Royals19Chelsea0 match won Sub on
League15th Oct 2000Chelsea42Newport County0 match won
League11th Mar 2001Barking24Chelsea0 match won Sub on
Berks & Bucks County Cup1st Apr 2001Caversham09Chelsea0 match won Sub on
League8th Apr 2001Newport County12Chelsea0 match won
League18th Apr 2001Wembley Mill Hill04Chelsea0 match won Sub on
League22nd Apr 2001Chelsea20Reading Royals0 match won Sub on
League29th Apr 2001Chelsea21Berkhampstead0 match won Sub off
League22nd May 2001Chelsea10Brighton And Hove Albion54 match won
League26th Aug 2001Langford Town01Chelsea0 match won Sub on
Women's League Cup23rd Sep 2001Langford Town23Chelsea0 match won scored 1 goal
League30th Sep 2001Fulham91Chelsea0 match lost Sub on
Berks & Bucks County Cup18th Nov 2001Newport Pagnall013Chelsea0 match won Sub onscored 1 goal
League25th Nov 2001Millwall Lionesses61Chelsea0 match lost Sub on

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Picture needed of Chelsea Women

Games Won: 49
Win Percentage: 85.96%
Total Bookings: 0
Times Sent Off: 0


During her Chelsea first-team career of 57 appearances, Nicola Dunsdon played alongside the following 41 players (number of appearances together in the same match-day squad in brackets)

Leah Ambridge (3)
Caroline Austin (38)
Caroline Barker (42)
Joanne Barton (1)
Vicky Bays (2)
Katie Bond (2)
Jodie Bowry (34)
Siobhan Chamberlain (3)
Jenna Couch (22)
Sarah Cox (19)
Lindsey Creegan (11)
Sally Ede (4)
Denise Furlong (2)
Heather Gravett (2)
Karina Grimshaw (6)
? Hellerman (1)
? Hodgson (1)
Kelly Impett (32)
Permi Jhooti (3)
Dani Kemp (39)
Natalie Marijetic (49)
Wendy Martin (29)
Kelly McCullock (13)
Lindsey Morgan (6)
Natasha Nevin (46)
Julie Newell (41)
Hazel Palmer (1)
Katrina Parker (2)
Eartha Pond (18)
Serina Regali (42)
Reyes (2)
? Roberts (1)
Tessa Sanders (5)
Tracey Smith (11)
Emily Stanghon (49)
Casey Stoney (5)
? Tylee (2)
? Walker (1)
Chantelle White (4)
Emma Wickham (10)
Fara Williams (34)