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Chelsea FC Profile: Laura Cooper

| Player Summary |

Full Name: Laura Cooper

Born: Date of birth unknown
Place of birth: Unknown, Unknown

Involvement with Chelsea:

Women's 1st Team Player from 2003 to 2010

Image © to Mark Sandom (@fleetphotos on Twitter/X)

Playing Career:

Chelsea (Jul 2003 to Jul 2010) - cost: unknown

Chelsea First-Team Career Summary

Competitive Debut: Sunday, 17th August 2003, Chelsea 2 - 1 AFC Wimbledon

100th Appearance: Wednesday, 8th November 2006, Chelsea 2 - 1 Fulham

Last Competitive First-Team Appearance: Sunday, 29th November 2009, Sunderland 2 - 0 Chelsea (Substitute)


Season League F.A. Cup Lg Cup Europe Oth* Ttl
2003 / 04 23310431
2004 / 05 224 (1)10532 (1)
2005 / 06 18 (2)3106 (3)28 (5)
2006 / 07 20 (2)24 (1)02 (1)28 (4)
2007 / 08 16 (4)13 (1)0020 (5)
2008 / 09 8 (1)2 (1)00010 (2)
2009 / 10 5 (4)03 (3)008 (7)
Total112 (13)15 (2)13 (5)017 (4)157 (24)


Season League F.A. Cup Lg Cup Europe Oth* Ttl
2003 / 04 300014
2004 / 05 300025
2005 / 06 200035
2006 / 07 100001
2007 / 08 001001
2008 / 09 100001
2009 / 10 100001

* oth = other competitive matches such as Full Members Cup, Charity/Community Shield, Fifa World Club Cup.
Figures in ( ) are substitute appearances and are also included in the totals.
i.e. Laura Cooper made 157 appearances for Chelsea, of which 24 were as a substitute.

Competitive Matches Played

CompDateHome  AwayAtt
League17th Aug 2003Chelsea21AFC Wimbledonunknown match won
League24th Aug 2003Enfield Town03Chelseaunknown match won
League31st Aug 2003Langford Town14Chelseaunknown match won
League7th Sep 2003Chelsea21Brighton And Hove Albionunknown match won
Women's League Cup14th Sep 2003Middlesbrough31Chelseaunknown match lost
League21st Sep 2003Southampton Saints20Chelseaunknown match lost
League24th Sep 2003Chelsea10Millwall Lionessesunknown match won
League28th Sep 2003Chelsea22Watfordunknown match drawn
League5th Oct 2003Barnet00Chelseaunknown match drawn
League12th Oct 2003Bristol City31Chelseaunknown match lost
League15th Oct 2003Millwall Lionesses11Chelseaunknown match drawn scored 1 goal
League19th Oct 2003Chelsea91Merthyr Tydfilunknown match won
League2nd Nov 2003Portsmouth13Chelseaunknown match won
Surrey County Cup16th Nov 2003Chelsea10Redhillunknown match won
League30th Nov 2003AFC Wimbledon22Chelseaunknown match drawn
Women's FA Cup7th Dec 2003Chelsea63Gillinghamunknown match won
Surrey County Cup14th Dec 2003Milford and Whitley014Chelseaunknown match won scored 1 goal
Women's FA Cup4th Jan 2004Chelsea20Manchester Unitedunknown match won
Women's FA Cup25th Jan 2004Chelsea33Nottingham Forestunknown match drawn
League15th Feb 2004Merthyr Tydfil34Chelseaunknown match won scored 1 goal
Surrey County Cup22nd Feb 2004Woking12Chelseaunknown match won
League7th Mar 2004Chelsea30Ipswich Townunknown match won
League21st Mar 2004Ipswich Town32Chelseaunknown match lost
League28th Mar 2004Chelsea32Portsmouthunknown match won
League31st Mar 2004Chelsea32Enfield Townunknown match won
League4th Apr 2004Brighton And Hove Albion26Chelseaunknown match won
League7th Apr 2004Chelsea63Barnetunknown match won
League11th Apr 2004Chelsea04Southampton Saintsunknown match lost
League14th Apr 2004Watford11Chelseaunknown match drawn
League18th Apr 2004Chelsea22Bristol Cityunknown match drawn scored 1 goal
Surrey County Cup25th Apr 2004Croydon Postal15Chelseaunknown match won
League15th Aug 2004Chelsea42Southampton Saintsunknown match won Captain
League21st Aug 2004Enfield Town12Chelseaunknown match won Captain
League29th Aug 2004Chelsea50Watfordunknown match won Captainscored 2 goals
League5th Sep 2004Portsmouth02Chelseaunknown match won Captain
Women's League Cup12th Sep 2004Chelsea12AFC Team Bathunknown match lost Captain
League19th Sep 2004Chelsea102Ipswich Townunknown match won Captain
League22nd Sep 2004Chelsea11AFC Wimbledonunknown match drawn Captain
League26th Sep 2004Langford Town23Chelseaunknown match won Captain
League2nd Oct 2004Chelsea63Portsmouthunknown match won Captain
League10th Oct 2004Crystal Palace01Chelseaunknown match won Captain
League13th Oct 2004AFC Wimbledon12Chelseaunknown match won Captain
League17th Oct 2004Chelsea02Brighton And Hove Albionunknown match lost Captain
League31st Oct 2004Chelsea01Crystal Palaceunknown match lost Captain
Surrey County Cup14th Nov 2004Chelsea150Holmesdaleunknown match won Captain
League21st Nov 2004Ipswich Town12Chelseaunknown match won Captain
League28th Nov 2004Chelsea41Langford Townunknown match won Captain
Women's FA Cup5th Dec 2004Chelsea10Barnetunknown match won Sub on
League12th Dec 2004Brighton And Hove Albion06Chelseaunknown match won Captain
Surrey County Cup19th Dec 2004University of Surrey022Chelseaunknown match won Captainscored 1 goal
Women's FA Cup9th Jan 2005Cardiff City34Chelseaunknown match won Captain
League23rd Jan 2005Chelsea11Cardiff Cityunknown match drawn Captain
Women's FA Cup30th Jan 2005Reading Royals13Chelseaunknown match won Captain
Surrey County Cup6th Feb 2005Croydon Borough15Chelseaunknown match won Captain
Women's FA Cup13th Feb 2005Chelsea01Evertonunknown match lost Captain
League6th Mar 2005Chelsea40Millwall Lionessesunknown match won Captain
Surrey County Cup13th Mar 2005Carshalton Athletic08Chelseaunknown match won Captainscored 1 goal
League20th Mar 2005Watford23Chelseaunknown match won Captain
League27th Mar 2005Chelsea100Enfield Townunknown match won Captainscored 1 goal
League3rd Apr 2005Millwall Lionesses22Chelseaunknown match drawn Captain
League10th Apr 2005Cardiff City12Chelseaunknown match won Captain
League17th Apr 2005Southampton Saints22Chelseaunknown match drawn Captain
Surrey County Cup24th Apr 2005AFC Wimbledon21Chelseaunknown match lost
League14th Aug 2005Chelsea02Arsenalunknown match lost
League21st Aug 2005Sunderland11Chelseaunknown match drawn
League28th Aug 2005Chelsea12Charlton Athleticunknown match lost
League4th Sep 2005Everton50Chelseaunknown match lost
League7th Sep 2005Chelsea02Fulhamunknown match lost
Women's League Cup11th Sep 2005Chelsea35AFC Team Bathunknown match lost
League18th Sep 2005Chelsea12Doncaster Bellesunknown match lost
League25th Sep 2005Birmingham City24Chelseaunknown match won Captainscored 1 goal
League5th Oct 2005Fulham22Chelseaunknown match drawn
League23rd Oct 2005Chelsea00Bristol Academyunknown match drawn
League30th Oct 2005Chelsea14Birmingham Cityunknown match lost
League6th Nov 2005Leeds United12Chelseaunknown match won
League13th Nov 2005Doncaster Belles32Chelseaunknown match lost
League20th Nov 2005Chelsea23Leeds Unitedunknown match lost Sub on
League27th Nov 2005Bristol Academy20Chelseaunknown match lost Sub on
League4th Dec 2005Arsenal60Chelseaunknown match lost
Surrey County Cup18th Dec 2005Merton013Chelseaunknown match won Sub on
Women's FA Cup8th Jan 2006Blackburn Rovers12Chelseaunknown match won
Surrey County Cup15th Jan 2006Croydon Postal08Chelseaunknown match won Sub on
Women's FA Cup29th Jan 2006Watford01Chelseaunknown match won
League5th Feb 2006Chelsea12Evertonunknown match lost
Women's FA Cup19th Feb 2006Chelsea16Arsenalunknown match lost
Surrey County Cup26th Feb 2006Chelsea50Fulhamunknown match won Sub onscored 1 goal
League26th Mar 2006Chelsea43Sunderlandunknown match won scored 1 goal
League2nd Apr 2006Charlton Athletic41Chelseaunknown match lost
Surrey County Cup23rd Apr 2006Crystal Palace01Chelseaunknown match won
League Playoff14th May 2006Liverpool11Chelseaunknown match drawn scored 1 goal
League Playoff21st May 2006Chelsea30Liverpoolunknown match won scored 1 goal
League20th Aug 2006Fulham05Chelseaunknown match won
League3rd Sep 2006Charlton Athletic32Chelseaunknown match lost
Women's League Cup10th Sep 2006Chelsea51Watfordunknown match won
League4th Oct 2006Chelsea12Charlton Athleticunknown match lost
Women's League Cup8th Oct 2006Blackburn Rovers36Chelseaunknown match won Sub on
League22nd Oct 2006Sunderland04Chelseaunknown match won
League29th Oct 2006Chelsea30Cardiff Cityunknown match won
Women's League Cup5th Nov 2006Everton12Chelseaunknown match won
League8th Nov 2006Chelsea21Fulhamunknown match won
League12th Nov 2006Doncaster Belles11Chelseaunknown match drawn
Women's League Cup10th Dec 2006Arsenal41Chelseaunknown match lost
Women's FA Cup7th Jan 2007Chelsea21Doncaster Bellesunknown match won
League14th Jan 2007Blackburn Rovers13Chelseaunknown match won
Women's FA Cup28th Jan 2007Blackburn Rovers32Chelseaunknown match lost
League4th Feb 2007Chelsea11Birmingham Cityunknown match drawn
League4th Mar 2007Chelsea31Doncaster Bellesunknown match won
League11th Mar 2007Birmingham City00Chelseaunknown match drawn
Surrey County Cup18th Mar 2007Crystal Palace12Chelseaunknown match won Sub on
League25th Mar 2007Chelsea01Blackburn Roversunknown match lost
League1st Apr 2007Chelsea21Leeds Unitedunknown match won
League8th Apr 2007Cardiff City13Chelseaunknown match won scored 1 goal
League15th Apr 2007Chelsea00Sunderlandunknown match drawn Sub on
Surrey County Cup22nd Apr 2007Fulham01Chelseaunknown match won
League24th Apr 2007Chelsea15Arsenalunknown match lost
League29th Apr 2007Bristol Academy21Chelseaunknown match lost
League2nd May 2007Arsenal31Chelseaunknown match lost
League5th May 2007Chelsea01Evertonunknown match lost
League13th May 2007Leeds United10Chelseaunknown match lost Sub on
Women's League Cup30th Sep 2007Crewe Alexandra19Chelseaunknown match won scored 1 goal
Women's League Cup14th Oct 2007Chelsea51Lincoln Cityunknown match won Sub on
League31st Oct 2007Chelsea40Charlton Athleticunknown match won Sub on
Women's League Cup4th Nov 2007Arsenal31Chelseaunknown match lost
League11th Nov 2007Leeds United01Chelseaunknown match won
League15th Nov 2007Bristol Academy22Chelseaunknown match drawn
League18th Nov 2007Chelsea12Evertonunknown match lost
League29th Nov 2007Chelsea43Watfordunknown match won
League2nd Dec 2007Liverpool00Chelseaunknown match drawn
League13th Jan 2008Chelsea50Cardiff Cityunknown match won Sub on
League20th Jan 2008Chelsea11Blackburn Roversunknown match drawn
Women's FA Cup27th Jan 2008Chelsea11Leeds Unitedunknown match drawn
League3rd Feb 2008Chelsea34Doncaster Bellesunknown match lost
League2nd Mar 2008Watford23Chelseaunknown match won
League16th Mar 2008Charlton Athletic00Chelseaunknown match drawn
League23rd Mar 2008Chelsea12Leeds Unitedunknown match lost
League30th Mar 2008Everton30Chelseaunknown match lost
League13th Apr 2008Blackburn Rovers12Chelseaunknown match won Sub on
League24th Apr 2008Arsenal41Chelseaunknown match lost
League11th May 2008Birmingham City13Chelseaunknown match won Sub on
Women's FA Cup4th Jan 2009Chelsea91Rotherham Unitedunknown match won Sub on
League15th Mar 2009Bristol Academy12Chelseaunknown match won Sub on
Women's FA Cup22nd Mar 2009Sunderland30Chelseaunknown match lost
League29th Mar 2009Chelsea41Doncaster Bellesunknown match won
League5th Apr 2009Doncaster Belles01Chelseaunknown match won
League12th Apr 2009Chelsea31Nottingham Forestunknown match won
League19th Apr 2009Chelsea31Leeds Carnegieunknown match won
League26th Apr 2009Nottingham Forest15Chelseaunknown match won scored 1 goal
League30th Apr 2009Chelsea02Arsenalunknown match lost
League3rd May 2009Chelsea40Blackburn Roversunknown match won
Women's League Cup13th Sep 2009Chelsea62Barnetunknown match won Sub on
League27th Sep 2009Watford07Chelseaunknown match won Sub on
Women's League Cup4th Oct 2009Portsmouth01Chelseaunknown match won Sub on
League11th Oct 2009Chelsea31Sunderlandunknown match won Sub on
Women's League Cup1st Nov 2009Chelsea80Bristol Academyunknown match won Sub on
League15th Nov 2009Everton35Chelseaunknown match won Sub on
League19th Nov 2009Chelsea42Bristol Academyunknown match won scored 1 goal
League29th Nov 2009Sunderland20Chelseaunknown match lost Sub on

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Chelsea FC Women Player Laura Cooper

Games Won: 90
Win Percentage: 57.32%
Starts as Captain: 31
Total Bookings: 0
Times Sent Off: 0


During her Chelsea first-team career of 157 appearances, Laura Cooper played alongside the following 79 players (number of appearances together in the same match-day squad in brackets)

Georgie Adams (13)
Eniola Aluko (16)
Anita Asante (1)
Hayley Avis (1)
Kirsty Barton (1)
Tanya Beverley (9)
Holly Braid (15)
Dani Buet (36)
Francesca Cagetti (6)
Siobhan Chamberlain (38)
Leanne Champ (4)
Brooke Chaplen (2)
Jodian Clarke (26)
Caroline Collie (50)
Carol Conlon (1)
Amber Cook (81)
Stef Curtis (3)
Kylie Davies (60)
Nicki de la Salle (90)
Emma Delves (74)
Nina Downham (79)
Becky Duggan (33)
Carly Eagles (6)
Lizzie Edwards (45)
Lorrie Fair (6)
Amy Found (22)
Georgie Giddings (12)
Sokhara Goodall (1)
Holly Grogan (21)
Kirsty Hewitson (23)
Shelby Hills (17)
Georgina Hoban (11)
Bonnie Horwood (4)
Mikaela Howell (12)
Jodie Jacobs (1)
Becky Jane (9)
Sam Jones (37)
Sarah Kempson (15)
Stevie Lamb (13)
Lisa Langrish (35)
Sian Larkin (14)
Kara Lee (10)
Freya Lees (17)
Chelsey Leighton (16)
Katy Ling (1)
Jane Little (1)
Kyproulla Loizou (74)
Kirsty Morley (16)
Jodie Morris (5)
Amy Murphy (4)
Charlotte Nicholson (3)
Jess O'Dwyer (2)
Katie Owen (38)
Katrina Parker (19)
Sophie Perry (80)
Eartha Pond (8)
Faye Rabson (7)
Claire Rafferty (19)
Jenny Ray (2)
Serina Regali (61)
Beth Richardson (1)
Lianne Sanderson (16)
Leanne Small (13)
Jess Smith (19)
Drew Spence (1)
Vicki Squires (20)
Clare Stevens (67)
Sammy Stewart (1)
Casey Stoney (33)
Dunia Susi (55)
Tammie Thornton (15)
Emma Treanor (5)
Stacy Tull (6)
Victoria Vickery (8)
Ana Wagner (44)
Ellen White (55)
Hayley White (16)
Emma Whitter (23)
Laura Worsley (7)