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Chelsea FC Reserve Player Profile: Arthur Barraclough

Full Name: Arthur Barraclough

Born: Tuesday, 7th November 1916
Place of Birth: Moorthorpe, Yorkshire, England
Died: Tuesday, 29th November 2005

Pending individual appearances being added to the database, this is the information from Peter Wollaston's reserve Team players book:

Although he did not make the first team at Chelsea, in addition to the known 13 appearances that he made in the Combination, his name appeared in the proposed line-up in an additional 11 games. Once he was transferred to Swindon Town in June 1938, Barraclough was to play 21 games (6 goals) for them before moving on to Clapton Orient in 1939. However, he was not to appear in their first team.

In 1936/37 there were two players called Barraclough on Chelsea’s books and I have found 4 cases where “Barraclough” played but it is not clear which, so there could be up to 4 appearances to be added to the Combination figures shown below.

13 Reserve Appearances, 6 goals between 1936-38

Picture needed of Chelsea Player Arthur Barraclough