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Date Home     Away Att
29th Jul 1966TSV Eltingen 1894110Chelsea0Match Won
3rd Aug 1966Lugano23Chelsea0Match Won
6th Aug 1966VFB Stuttgart20Chelsea0Match Lost
8th Aug 1966Dundee12Chelsea17,000Match Won
12th Aug 1966Hamburg SV31Chelsea0Match Lostprogramme cover for Hamburg SV v Chelsea, 12th Aug 1966
14th Aug 1966Eintracht Frankfurt10Chelsea0Match Lost
7th Nov 1966Tonbridge24Chelsea0Match Won
22nd Nov 1966Chelsea20Real Madrid32,277Match Wonprogramme cover for Chelsea v Real Madrid, 22nd Nov 1966
29th Nov 1966Chelsea97London XI6,267Match Wonprogramme cover for Chelsea v London XI, 29th Nov 1966
25th May 1967Dundee42Chelsea8,257Match Lost
27th May 1967Vancouver All Stars25Chelsea10,270Match Wonprogramme cover for Vancouver All Stars v Chelsea, 27th May 1967
28th May 1967North West All Stars05Chelsea6,400Match Won
30th May 1967O'Keefe's Club23Chelsea4,700Match Won
4th Jun 1967Dundee22Chelsea3,500Match Drawn
7th Jun 1967Devonshire Colts08Chelsea0Match Won
9th Jun 1967Pembroke Hamilton Club02Chelsea0Match Won
10th Jun 1967Bermuda Olympic XI24Chelsea0Match Won
11th Jun 1967Eintracht Braunschweig31Chelsea6,500Match Lost
13th Jun 1967Rochester16Chelsea0Match Won

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