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Date Home     Away Att
14th Aug 2011Stoke City00Chelsea27,421Match Drawnprogramme cover for Stoke City v Chelsea, 14th Aug 2011
20th Aug 2011Chelsea21West Bromwich Albion41,091Match Wonprogramme cover for Chelsea v West Bromwich Albion, 20th Aug 2011
27th Aug 2011Chelsea31Norwich City41,765Match Wonprogramme cover for Chelsea v Norwich City, 27th Aug 2011
10th Sep 2011Sunderland12Chelsea36,699Match Wonprogramme cover for Sunderland v Chelsea, 10th Sep 2011
18th Sep 2011Manchester United31Chelsea75,455Match Lostprogramme cover for Manchester United v Chelsea, 18th Sep 2011
24th Sep 2011Chelsea41Swansea City41,800Match Wonprogramme cover for Chelsea v Swansea City, 24th Sep 2011
2nd Oct 2011Bolton Wanderers15Chelsea24,657Match Wonprogramme cover for Bolton Wanderers v Chelsea, 2nd Oct 2011
15th Oct 2011Chelsea31Everton41,789Match Wonprogramme cover for Chelsea v Everton, 15th Oct 2011
23rd Oct 2011Queens Park Rangers10Chelsea18,050Match Lostprogramme cover for Queens Park Rangers v Chelsea, 23rd Oct 2011
29th Oct 2011Chelsea35Arsenal41,801Match Lostprogramme cover for Chelsea v Arsenal, 29th Oct 2011
5th Nov 2011Blackburn Rovers01Chelsea21,985Match Wonprogramme cover for Blackburn Rovers v Chelsea, 5th Nov 2011
20th Nov 2011Chelsea12Liverpool41,820Match Lostprogramme cover for Chelsea v Liverpool, 20th Nov 2011
26th Nov 2011Chelsea30Wolverhampton Wanderers41,648Match Wonprogramme cover for Chelsea v Wolverhampton Wanderers, 26th Nov 2011
3rd Dec 2011Newcastle United03Chelsea52,305Match Wonprogramme cover for Newcastle United v Chelsea, 3rd Dec 2011
12th Dec 2011Chelsea21Manchester City41,730Match Wonprogramme cover for Chelsea v Manchester City, 12th Dec 2011
17th Dec 2011Wigan Athletic11Chelsea18,320Match Drawnprogramme cover for Wigan Athletic v Chelsea, 17th Dec 2011
22nd Dec 2011Tottenham Hotspur11Chelsea36,141Match Drawnprogramme cover for Tottenham Hotspur v Chelsea, 22nd Dec 2011
26th Dec 2011Chelsea11Fulham41,548Match Drawnprogramme cover for Chelsea v Fulham, 26th Dec 2011
31st Dec 2011Chelsea13Aston Villa41,332Match Lostprogramme cover for Chelsea v Aston Villa, 31st Dec 2011
2nd Jan 2012Wolverhampton Wanderers12Chelsea27,289Match Wonprogramme cover for Wolverhampton Wanderers v Chelsea, 2nd Jan 2012
14th Jan 2012Chelsea10Sunderland41,696Match Wonprogramme cover for Chelsea v Sunderland, 14th Jan 2012
21st Jan 2012Norwich City00Chelsea26,792Match Drawnprogramme cover for Norwich City v Chelsea, 21st Jan 2012
31st Jan 2012Swansea City11Chelsea20,526Match Drawnprogramme cover for Swansea City v Chelsea, 31st Jan 2012
5th Feb 2012Chelsea33Manchester United41,668Match Drawnprogramme cover for Chelsea v Manchester United, 5th Feb 2012
11th Feb 2012Everton20Chelsea33,924Match Lostprogramme cover for Everton v Chelsea, 11th Feb 2012
25th Feb 2012Chelsea30Bolton Wanderers40,999Match Wonprogramme cover for Chelsea v Bolton Wanderers, 25th Feb 2012
3rd Mar 2012West Bromwich Albion10Chelsea24,838Match Lostprogramme cover for West Bromwich Albion v Chelsea, 3rd Mar 2012
10th Mar 2012Chelsea10Stoke City40,945Match Wonprogramme cover for Chelsea v Stoke City, 10th Mar 2012
21st Mar 2012Manchester City21Chelsea46,324Match Lostprogramme cover for Manchester City v Chelsea, 21st Mar 2012
24th Mar 2012Chelsea00Tottenham Hotspur41,830Match Drawnprogramme cover for Chelsea v Tottenham Hotspur, 24th Mar 2012
31st Mar 2012Aston Villa24Chelsea34,740Match Wonprogramme cover for Aston Villa v Chelsea, 31st Mar 2012
7th Apr 2012Chelsea21Wigan Athletic40,651Match Wonprogramme cover for Chelsea v Wigan Athletic, 7th Apr 2012
9th Apr 2012Fulham11Chelsea25,697Match Drawnprogramme cover for Fulham v Chelsea, 9th Apr 2012
21st Apr 2012Arsenal00Chelsea60,111Match Drawnprogramme cover for Arsenal v Chelsea, 21st Apr 2012
29th Apr 2012Chelsea61Queens Park Rangers41,675Match Wonprogramme cover for Chelsea v Queens Park Rangers, 29th Apr 2012
2nd May 2012Chelsea02Newcastle United41,559Match Lostprogramme cover for Chelsea v Newcastle United, 2nd May 2012
8th May 2012Liverpool41Chelsea40,721Match Lostprogramme cover for Liverpool v Chelsea, 8th May 2012
13th May 2012Chelsea21Blackburn Rovers40,742Match Wonprogramme cover for Chelsea v Blackburn Rovers, 13th May 2012

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