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Date Home     Away Att
13th Sep 2005Chelsea10Anderlecht29,575Match Wonprogramme cover for Chelsea v Anderlecht, 13th Sep 2005
28th Sep 2005Liverpool00Chelsea42,743Match Drawnprogramme cover for Liverpool v Chelsea, 28th Sep 2005
19th Oct 2005Chelsea40Real Betis36,457Match Wonprogramme cover for Chelsea v Real Betis, 19th Oct 2005
1st Nov 2005Real Betis10Chelsea55,000Match Lostprogramme cover for Real Betis v Chelsea, 1st Nov 2005
23rd Nov 2005Anderlecht02Chelsea21,070Match Won
6th Dec 2005Chelsea00Liverpool41,598Match Drawnprogramme cover for Chelsea v Liverpool, 6th Dec 2005
22nd Feb 2006Chelsea12Barcelona39,521Match Lostprogramme cover for Chelsea v Barcelona, 22nd Feb 2006
7th Mar 2006Barcelona11Chelsea98,436Match Drawn

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