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Chelsea Games Refereed by Mike L Dean

List of all competitive Chelsea matches refereed by Mike L Dean (Wirral)

CompDateHome  AwayChelsea CardsOpposition Cards
League21st Apr 2001Chelsea01Charlton Athletic match lost
League30th Mar 2002Chelsea21Derby County match won
League28th Sep 2002Chelsea23West Ham United match lost
League23rd Nov 2002Bolton Wanderers11Chelsea match drawn
League11th Jan 2003Chelsea41Charlton Athletic match won
League30th Aug 2003Chelsea22Blackburn Rovers match drawn
League6th Dec 2003Leeds United11Chelsea match drawn
League15th May 2004Chelsea10Leeds United match won
League18th Dec 2004Chelsea40Norwich City match won
F.A. Cup30th Jan 2005Chelsea20Birmingham City match won
League10th Sep 2005Chelsea20Sunderland match won
League31st Dec 2005Chelsea20Birmingham City match won
League19th Mar 2006Fulham10Chelsea match lost
League29th Apr 2006Chelsea30Manchester United match won
League18th Nov 2006Chelsea10West Ham United match won
League23rd Dec 2006Wigan Athletic23Chelsea match won
League Cup23rd Jan 2007Chelsea40Wycombe Wanderers match won
League18th Apr 2007West Ham United14Chelsea match won
League15th Aug 2007Reading12Chelsea match won
League23rd Sep 2007Manchester United20Chelsea match lost
F.A. Cup5th Jan 2008Chelsea10Queens Park Rangers match won
League30th Jan 2008Chelsea10Reading match won
League15th Mar 2008Sunderland01Chelsea match won
League17th Aug 2008Chelsea40Portsmouth match won
League30th Nov 2008Chelsea12Arsenal match lost
F.A. Cup14th Feb 2009Watford13Chelsea match won
League21st Mar 2009Tottenham Hotspur10Chelsea match lost
League25th Apr 2009West Ham United01Chelsea match won
League12th Sep 2009Stoke City12Chelsea match won
League20th Dec 2009West Ham United11Chelsea match drawn
F.A. Cup23rd Jan 2010Preston North End02Chelsea match won
League7th Feb 2010Chelsea20Arsenal match won
League27th Feb 2010Chelsea24Manchester City match lost
League3rd Apr 2010Manchester United12Chelsea match won
League21st Aug 2010Wigan Athletic06Chelsea match won
League3rd Oct 2010Chelsea20Arsenal match won
League12th Dec 2010Tottenham Hotspur11Chelsea match drawn
League14th Feb 2011Fulham00Chelsea match drawn
League7th Mar 2011Blackpool13Chelsea match won
League24th Sep 2011Chelsea41Swansea City match won
League5th Nov 2011Blackburn Rovers01Chelsea match won
League3rd Dec 2011Newcastle United03Chelsea match won
F.A. Cup28th Jan 2012Queens Park Rangers01Chelsea match won
League21st Mar 2012Manchester City21Chelsea match lost
League21st Apr 2012Arsenal00Chelsea match drawn
League20th Oct 2012Tottenham Hotspur24Chelsea match won
F.A. Cup5th Jan 2013Southampton15Chelsea match won
League9th Feb 2013Chelsea41Wigan Athletic match won
League17th Apr 2013Fulham03Chelsea match won
League8th May 2013Chelsea22Tottenham Hotspur match drawn
League28th Sep 2013Tottenham Hotspur11Chelsea match drawn
League23rd Dec 2013Arsenal00Chelsea match drawn
League3rd Feb 2014Manchester City01Chelsea match won
League19th Apr 2014Chelsea12Sunderland match lost
League21st Sep 2014Manchester City11Chelsea match drawn
League3rd Dec 2014Chelsea30Tottenham Hotspur match won
League15th Mar 2015Chelsea11Southampton match drawn
League18th Apr 2015Chelsea10Manchester United match won
League19th Sep 2015Chelsea20Arsenal match won
League3rd Feb 2016Watford00Chelsea match drawn
League16th Apr 2016Chelsea03Manchester City match lost
League11th Dec 2016Chelsea10West Bromwich Albion match won
League5th Apr 2017Chelsea21Manchester City match won
League23rd Sep 2017Stoke City04Chelsea match won
League26th Dec 2017Chelsea20Brighton And Hove Albion match won
League5th Feb 2018Watford41Chelsea match lost
League14th Apr 2018Southampton23Chelsea match won
League23rd Sep 2018West Ham United00Chelsea match drawn
League20th Oct 2018Chelsea22Manchester United match drawn
League10th Feb 2019Manchester City60Chelsea match lost
League9th Nov 2019Chelsea20Crystal Palace match won
F.A. Cup28th Jun 2020Leicester City01Chelsea match won
F.A. Cup19th Jul 2020Manchester United13Chelsea match won
F.A. Cup17th Apr 2021Manchester City01Chelsea match won
League18th May 2021Chelsea21Leicester City match won
League29th Dec 2021Chelsea11Brighton And Hove Albion match drawn
League28th Apr 2022Manchester United11Chelsea match drawn
League22nd May 2022Chelsea21Watford match won

In matches refereed by Mike L Dean, Chelsea have the following record:


In matches refereed by Mike L Dean, the referee issued the following number of cards:

141 Chelsea & 163 opposition
9 Chelsea & 3 opposition

List of all Non-competitive Chelsea matches refereed by Mike L Dean (Wirral)

There are currently no records in the database for this referee. Records are being added on a regular basis, so please check back soon.

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