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Name Appearances
1Siobhan Chamberlain133
2Jody Bowry114
Ann-Katrin Berger114
4Carly Telford80
5Hedvig Lindahl78
6Caroline Collie58
7Zećira Mušović46
8Toyah Brennan44
9Marie Hourihan31
10Tracey Smith23
11Freya Lees22
12Hannah Hampton18
Holly Braid18
14Kirsty Morley16
15Sarah Quantrill11
16Becky Spencer10
17Shannon Lynn6
18Julie Fleming5
Amy Carr5
Christiane Endler5
21Hazel Palmer4
22Fran Kitching3
Lizzie Durack3
Jessica Devoti3
Beth Murphy3
Charlotte Nicholson3
Emily Morphitis3
28Nikki Davies2
Hayley Avis2
30Ella Bale1
Clare Farrow1

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