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Date Home     Away Attendance
1Sunday, 26th Nov 2006Manchester United11Chelsea75,948
2Sunday, 23rd Sep 2007Manchester United20Chelsea75,663
3Sunday, 5th May 2013Manchester United01Chelsea75,500
4Sunday, 18th Sep 2011Manchester United31Chelsea75,455
4Sunday, 11th Jan 2009Manchester United30Chelsea75,455
6Sunday, 8th May 2011Manchester United21Chelsea75,445
7Sunday, 26th Oct 2014Manchester United11Chelsea75,327
8Monday, 28th Dec 2015Manchester United00Chelsea75,275
9Sunday, 16th Apr 2017Manchester United20Chelsea75,272
10Saturday, 3rd Apr 2010Manchester United12Chelsea75,217
11Sunday, 25th Feb 2018Manchester United21Chelsea75,060
12Monday, 26th Aug 2013Manchester United00Chelsea75,032
13Sunday, 28th Apr 2019Manchester United11Chelsea74,526
14Sunday, 11th Aug 2019Manchester United40Chelsea73,620
15Sunday, 20th Aug 2017Tottenham Hotspur12Chelsea73,587
16Thursday, 28th Apr 2022Manchester United11Chelsea73,564
17Thursday, 25th May 2023Manchester United41Chelsea73,561
18Sunday, 6th Nov 2005Manchester United10Chelsea67,864
19Tuesday, 10th May 2005Manchester United13Chelsea67,832
20Saturday, 8th May 2004Manchester United11Chelsea67,609
21Saturday, 18th Jan 2003Manchester United21Chelsea67,606
22Saturday, 23rd Sep 2000Manchester United33Chelsea67,568
23Saturday, 1st Dec 2001Manchester United03Chelsea67,544
24Saturday, 11th Feb 2023West Ham United11Chelsea62,471
25Sunday, 26th Feb 2023Tottenham Hotspur20Chelsea61,613
26Monday, 24th Apr 2000Manchester United32Chelsea61,593
27Sunday, 22nd Dec 2019Tottenham Hotspur02Chelsea61,104
28Sunday, 29th Dec 2019Arsenal12Chelsea60,309
29Tuesday, 2nd May 2023Arsenal31Chelsea60,144
30Sunday, 16th Dec 2007Arsenal10Chelsea60,139
31Monday, 27th Dec 2010Arsenal31Chelsea60,112
32Saturday, 21st Apr 2012Arsenal00Chelsea60,111
33Sunday, 6th May 2007Arsenal11Chelsea60,102
34Saturday, 29th Sep 2012Arsenal12Chelsea60,101
35Sunday, 10th May 2009Arsenal14Chelsea60,075
36Sunday, 24th Jan 2016Arsenal01Chelsea60,072
37Sunday, 29th Nov 2009Arsenal03Chelsea60,067
38Sunday, 26th Apr 2015Arsenal00Chelsea60,066
39Sunday, 19th Sep 2021Tottenham Hotspur03Chelsea60,059
40Monday, 23rd Dec 2013Arsenal00Chelsea60,039
41Saturday, 24th Sep 2016Arsenal30Chelsea60,028
42Saturday, 19th Jan 2019Arsenal20Chelsea59,979
43Saturday, 4th Dec 2021West Ham United32Chelsea59,942
44Wednesday, 3rd Jan 2018Arsenal22Chelsea59,379
45Sunday, 22nd Aug 2021Arsenal02Chelsea58,729
46Monday, 6th Mar 2017West Ham United12Chelsea56,984
47Saturday, 9th Dec 2017West Ham United10Chelsea56,953
48Sunday, 23rd Sep 2018West Ham United00Chelsea56,875
49Saturday, 24th Nov 2018Tottenham Hotspur31Chelsea55,465
50Saturday, 2nd Nov 1996Manchester United12Chelsea55,198

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