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Date Home     Away Attendance
1Saturday, 11th Apr 1970Leeds United22Chelsea100,000
1Saturday, 20th May 1967Tottenham Hotspur21Chelsea100,000
3Saturday, 19th May 2007Manchester United01Chelsea89,826
4Saturday, 27th May 2017Arsenal21Chelsea89,472
5Saturday, 30th May 2009Everton12Chelsea89,391
6Saturday, 5th May 2012Liverpool12Chelsea89,102
7Saturday, 15th May 2010Portsmouth01Chelsea88,335
8Saturday, 18th Apr 2009Arsenal12Chelsea88,103
9Saturday, 19th May 2018Manchester United01Chelsea87,647
10Saturday, 22nd Apr 2017Tottenham Hotspur24Chelsea86,355
11Sunday, 15th Apr 2012Tottenham Hotspur15Chelsea85,731
12Sunday, 14th Apr 2013Manchester City21Chelsea85,621
13Saturday, 10th Apr 2010Aston Villa03Chelsea85,472
14Saturday, 14th May 1994Manchester United40Chelsea79,634
15Saturday, 17th May 1997Middlesbrough02Chelsea79,160
16Saturday, 20th May 2000Aston Villa01Chelsea78,217
17Saturday, 11th Mar 1911Chelsea31Swindon Town77,952
18Sunday, 10th Mar 2013Manchester United22Chelsea75,196
19Wednesday, 4th Mar 1931Chelsea03Birmingham74,365
20Saturday, 4th May 2002Arsenal20Chelsea73,963
21Sunday, 9th Apr 2000Newcastle United12Chelsea73,876
22Sunday, 22nd Apr 2018Southampton02Chelsea73,416
23Saturday, 4th Mar 1950Chelsea20Manchester United70,362
24Saturday, 11th Jan 1947Chelsea11Arsenal70,257
25Saturday, 5th Mar 1927Chelsea00Cardiff City70,184
26Wednesday, 8th Jan 1964Chelsea20Tottenham Hotspur70,123
27Saturday, 21st Jan 1939Chelsea30Fulham69,987
28Saturday, 10th Feb 1951Chelsea11Fulham69,434
29Saturday, 5th Apr 1952Arsenal11Chelsea68,084
30Saturday, 18th Mar 1950Arsenal22Chelsea67,752
31Saturday, 27th Mar 1965Liverpool20Chelsea67,686
32Saturday, 3rd Feb 1923Chelsea00Southampton67,105
33Saturday, 31st Jan 1920Chelsea40Swindon Town67,054
34Saturday, 30th Jan 1960Chelsea12Aston Villa66,671
35Wednesday, 22nd Mar 1950Arsenal10Chelsea66,482
36Saturday, 26th Jan 1957Tottenham Hotspur40Chelsea66,398
37Saturday, 26th Jan 1946Chelsea20West Ham United65,726
38Saturday, 9th Feb 1946Chelsea01Aston Villa65,307
39Saturday, 28th Jan 1950Chelsea30Newcastle United64,664
40Saturday, 22nd Apr 2006Liverpool21Chelsea64,575
41Saturday, 6th Mar 1965Chelsea51Peterborough United63,635
42Saturday, 19th Feb 1927Chelsea21Burnley63,238
43Saturday, 20th Feb 1965Chelsea10Tottenham Hotspur63,205
44Saturday, 24th Jan 1931Chelsea21Arsenal62,945
45Tuesday, 20th Mar 1973Arsenal21Chelsea62,642
46Saturday, 29th Apr 1967Leeds United01Chelsea62,378
47Wednesday, 29th Apr 1970Leeds United12Chelsea62,078
48Saturday, 18th Feb 1956Everton10Chelsea61,572
49Saturday, 23rd Apr 1966Sheffield Wednesday20Chelsea61,321
50Saturday, 12th Jan 1929Chelsea20Everton61,316

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