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Chelsea Graves Society Profile for Fred Wolff

Full Name: Frederick Reuben Wolff

Born: Friday, 3rd March 1882
Place of Birth: Stoke Newington, London, England
Died: Saturday, 24th March 1951

Involvement with Chelsea:

Player from 1905 to 1906 - See full player profile on HERE

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Widely named as Frank Wolff/Wolfe in many Chelsea-related publications, all contemporary press reports of his various transfers, etc. list him as either simply F Wolfe or FRED Wolfe, so we've no idea where Frank originated from. We now believe his family mainly originated in Liverpool, but Fred was born (in 1882) during a period they lived in London (Stoke Newington area). This would explain the latter return to the Merseyside area and the commencement of his footballing career at Everton. We know he had a brother called George as there are reports after his short time with Chelsea of a period where they both played for Ince Utd and were indeed both banned for one imitating the other in a match and being found out.

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Chelsea FC Player Fred Wolff