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Comp Date Home     Away Att
League25th Aug 1928Chelsea40Swansea Town47,264Match Won
League27th Aug 1928Bradford Park Avenue12Chelsea20,801Match Wonprogramme cover for Bradford Park Avenue v Chelsea, 27th Aug 1928
League1st Sep 1928Blackpool01Chelsea17,653Match Won
League5th Sep 1928Chelsea31Bradford Park Avenue21,556Match Wonprogramme cover for Chelsea v Bradford Park Avenue, 5th Sep 1928
League8th Sep 1928Chelsea20Middlesbrough48,775Match Wonprogramme cover for Chelsea v Middlesbrough, 8th Sep 1928
League15th Sep 1928Chelsea10Barnsley34,793Match Wonprogramme cover for Chelsea v Barnsley, 15th Sep 1928
League22nd Sep 1928Bristol City00Chelsea24,748Match Drawn
League29th Sep 1928Chelsea30Nottingham Forest38,139Match Wonprogramme cover for Chelsea v Nottingham Forest, 29th Sep 1928
League6th Oct 1928West Bromwich Albion30Chelsea28,969Match Lost
London Prof. Charity Fund8th Oct 1928Fulham23ChelseaunknownMatch Won
League13th Oct 1928Chelsea22Clapton Orient39,890Match Drawn
London Challenge Cup15th Oct 1928West Ham United14ChelseaunknownMatch Won
League20th Oct 1928Oldham Athletic10Chelsea13,385Match Lost
League27th Oct 1928Chelsea11Southampton33,197Match Drawn
League3rd Nov 1928Wolverhampton Wanderers11Chelsea22,178Match Drawn
League10th Nov 1928Chelsea21Preston North End33,285Match Won
League17th Nov 1928Millwall21Chelsea37,774Match Lost
League24th Nov 1928Chelsea33Port Vale23,305Match Drawn
League1st Dec 1928Hull City22Chelsea16,925Match Drawn
League8th Dec 1928Chelsea11Tottenham Hotspur45,840Match Drawn
League15th Dec 1928Reading33Chelsea13,338Match Drawn
League22nd Dec 1928Chelsea11Notts County19,560Match Drawn
League25th Dec 1928Stoke City01Chelsea21,862Match Won
League26th Dec 1928Chelsea31Stoke City15,251Match Won
League29th Dec 1928Swansea Town01Chelsea12,659Match Won
League5th Jan 1929Chelsea23Blackpool20,069Match Lost
F.A. Cup12th Jan 1929Chelsea20Everton61,316Match Wonprogramme cover for Chelsea v Everton, 12th Jan 1929
League19th Jan 1929Middlesbrough45Chelsea24,768Match Won
F.A. Cup26th Jan 1929Chelsea10Birmingham56,953Match Won
League30th Jan 1929Barnsley01Chelsea7,886Match Won
League2nd Feb 1929Chelsea30Bristol City19,768Match Won
League9th Feb 1929Nottingham Forest30Chelsea10,829Match Lost
F.A. Cup16th Feb 1929Chelsea11Portsmouth38,474Match Drawnprogramme cover for Chelsea v Portsmouth, 16th Feb 1929
F.A. Cup20th Feb 1929Portsmouth10Chelsea31,966Match Lostprogramme cover for Portsmouth v Chelsea, 20th Feb 1929
League23rd Feb 1929Clapton Orient10Chelsea18,844Match Lostprogramme cover for Clapton Orient v Chelsea, 23rd Feb 1929
League2nd Mar 1929Chelsea23Oldham Athletic29,538Match Lost
League9th Mar 1929Southampton12Chelsea23,829Match Won
League13th Mar 1929Notts County43Chelsea11,235Match Lost
League16th Mar 1929Chelsea02Wolverhampton Wanderers30,383Match Lost
League23rd Mar 1929Preston North End30Chelsea14,415Match Lost
League29th Mar 1929Grimsby Town10Chelsea23,644Match Lostprogramme cover for Grimsby Town v Chelsea, 29th Mar 1929
League30th Mar 1929Chelsea03Millwall42,637Match Lost
League1st Apr 1929Chelsea32Grimsby Town25,079Match Wonprogramme cover for Chelsea v Grimsby Town, 1st Apr 1929
League6th Apr 1929Port Vale10Chelsea11,701Match Lost
League13th Apr 1929Chelsea00Hull City9,654Match Drawn
League17th Apr 1929Chelsea25West Bromwich Albion7,086Match Lostprogramme cover for Chelsea v West Bromwich Albion, 17th Apr 1929
League20th Apr 1929Tottenham Hotspur41Chelsea24,356Match Lostprogramme cover for Tottenham Hotspur v Chelsea, 20th Apr 1929
League27th Apr 1929Chelsea21Reading12,898Match Won
Friendly25th May 1929Buenos Aires XI23Chelsea32,000Match Won
Friendly26th May 1929Provincia Club Buenos Aires40Chelsea34,000Match Lost
Friendly30th May 1929Argentine Amateur Association01Chelsea50,000Match Won
Friendly2nd Jun 1929Buenos Aires XI32Chelsea40,000Match Lost
Friendly8th Jun 1929San Lorenzo de Almagro02Chelsea8,000Match Won
Friendly9th Jun 1929Penarol21Chelsea25,000Match Lost
Friendly15th Jun 1929Independiente11ChelseaunknownMatch Drawn
Friendly16th Jun 1929Unión de Santa Fe50ChelseaunknownMatch Lost
Friendly16th Jun 1929Rosario21Chelsea12,000Match Lost
Friendly20th Jun 1929Racing Buenos Aires10Chelsea8,000Match Lost
Friendly22nd Jun 1929Estudiantil Porteño23Chelsea6,000Match Won
Friendly23rd Jun 1929Montevideo Wanderers02Chelsea18,000Match Won
Friendly28th Jun 1929Rio De Janeiro XI11Chelsea45,000Match Drawn
Friendly30th Jun 1929Rio De Janeiro XI21ChelseaunknownMatch Lost
Friendly4th Jul 1929Corrinthians (Brazil)44Chelsea10,000Match Drawn
Friendly7th Jul 1929São Paulo32ChelseaunknownMatch Lost

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