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Date Home     Away Att
19th Aug 1905Chelsea10ChelseaunknownMatch Lost
24th Aug 1905Chelsea70ChelseaunknownMatch Lost
4th Sep 1905Chelsea40Liverpool6,000Match Wonprogramme cover for Chelsea v Liverpool, 4th Sep 1905
6th Nov 1905Chelsea03Everton3,000Match Lost
20th Nov 1905Southampton52Chelsea3,000Match Lost
13th Dec 1905Chelsea01Corinthians (UK)8,000Match Lost
13th May 1906B93 Copenhagen26Chelsea7,000Match Won
14th May 1906Southampton21ChelseaunknownMatch Lost
16th May 1906Deutscher04ChelseaunknownMatch Won
17th May 1906Deutscher16ChelseaunknownMatch Won
19th May 1906Budapesti Torna Club04ChelseaunknownMatch Won
21st May 1906Magyar Atletikai Club06ChelseaunknownMatch Won
22nd May 1906Ferencváros13ChelseaunknownMatch Won
24th May 1906Cricket Vienna13ChelseaunknownMatch Won
26th May 1906First Vienna03ChelseaunknownMatch Won
27th May 1906Wiener Ramblers06ChelseaunknownMatch Won

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