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Date Home     Away Attendance
1Saturday, 22nd Apr 2023Chelsea01Barcelona27,697
2Thursday, 30th Mar 2023Chelsea12Lyon15,111
3Thursday, 22nd Dec 2022Chelsea30Paris Saint Germain10,129
4Sunday, 28th Apr 2019Chelsea11Lyon4,670
5Sunday, 22nd Apr 2018Chelsea13Wolfsburg3,813
6Wednesday, 5th Oct 2016Chelsea03Wolfsburg3,783
7Wednesday, 23rd Nov 2022Chelsea20Real Madrid3,336
8Wednesday, 28th Mar 2018Chelsea31Montpellier3,050
9Wednesday, 26th Oct 2022Chelsea80Vllaznia Femra3,022
10Thursday, 21st Mar 2019Chelsea20Paris Saint Germain2,616
11Wednesday, 4th Oct 2017Chelsea10Bayern Munich2,136
12Wednesday, 8th Nov 2017Chelsea30Rosengård1,861
13Wednesday, 8th Dec 2021Chelsea00Juventus1,808
14Wednesday, 11th Nov 2015Chelsea12Wolfsburg1,610
15Wednesday, 6th Oct 2021Chelsea33Wolfsburg1,371
16Thursday, 18th Nov 2021Chelsea10Servette1,270
17Thursday, 8th Oct 2015Chelsea10Glasgow City FC1,100
18Wednesday, 17th Oct 2018Chelsea10Fiorentina 804
19Wednesday, 26th Sep 2018Chelsea60Sarajevo667
20Sunday, 2nd May 2021Chelsea41Bayern Munich0
Wednesday, 3rd Mar 2021Chelsea20Atlético Madrid0
Wednesday, 16th Dec 2020Chelsea30Benfica0

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