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Date Home     Away Attendance
1Sunday, 15th Jan 2023Arsenal11Chelsea46,881
2Sunday, 5th Sep 2021Arsenal32Chelsea8,705
3Saturday, 27th May 2023Reading03Chelsea6,305
4Sunday, 6th Nov 2022Manchester United13Chelsea6,186
5Sunday, 26th Mar 2023Manchester City20Chelsea5,222
6Thursday, 26th Apr 2012Arsenal31Chelsea5,052
7Sunday, 25th Sep 2016Manchester City20Chelsea4,096
8Sunday, 2nd Apr 2023Aston Villa03Chelsea3,835
9Sunday, 23rd Oct 2022Brighton And Hove Albion02Chelsea3,626
10Sunday, 14th Nov 2021Manchester City04Chelsea3,174
11Sunday, 10th Feb 2019Manchester City22Chelsea3,078
12Saturday, 3rd Dec 2022Leicester City08Chelsea3,023
13Sunday, 13th Jan 2019Arsenal12Chelsea3,019
14Sunday, 18th Sep 2022Liverpool21Chelsea3,006
15Sunday, 27th Mar 2022Leicester City09Chelsea2,278
16Sunday, 26th Sep 2021Manchester United16Chelsea2,197
17Sunday, 24th Apr 2022Tottenham Hotspur13Chelsea2,161
18Sunday, 5th Feb 2023Tottenham Hotspur23Chelsea1,880
19Sunday, 1st Apr 2018Arsenal11Chelsea1,807
20Sunday, 23rd Jan 2022Brighton And Hove Albion00Chelsea1,743
21Thursday, 10th Mar 2022West Ham United14Chelsea1,735
22Sunday, 16th Oct 2022Everton13Chelsea1,668
23Sunday, 1st May 2022Birmingham City01Chelsea1,429
24Saturday, 24th Feb 2018Manchester City22Chelsea1,417
25Wednesday, 17th May 2023West Ham United04Chelsea1,373
26Thursday, 21st Apr 2016Arsenal02Chelsea1,337
27Thursday, 17th Apr 2014Bristol City02Chelsea1,313
28Sunday, 29th Jun 2014Everton12Chelsea1,312
29Sunday, 12th Oct 2014Manchester City21Chelsea1,292
30Sunday, 21st Oct 2018Birmingham City00Chelsea1,177
31Saturday, 3rd Jun 2017Birmingham City02Chelsea1,171
32Thursday, 24th Mar 2016Doncaster Belles14Chelsea1,165
33Thursday, 6th Jun 2013Arsenal21Chelsea1,113
34Thursday, 25th May 2017Manchester City10Chelsea1,069
35Sunday, 29th Mar 2015Notts County12Chelsea1,027
36Sunday, 12th Nov 2017Reading22Chelsea1,012
Sunday, 6th Nov 2016Notts County13Chelsea1,012
38Saturday, 18th Jul 2015Sunderland40Chelsea1,004
39Sunday, 4th Nov 2018West Ham United02Chelsea962
40Sunday, 18th May 2014Birmingham City21Chelsea949
41Wednesday, 27th Apr 2016Liverpool12Chelsea855
42Tuesday, 7th May 2019Yeovil Town08Chelsea843
43Wednesday, 31st May 2017Bristol City04Chelsea823
44Tuesday, 15th May 2018Bristol City02Chelsea820
45Thursday, 4th Sep 2014Arsenal23Chelsea808
46Wednesday, 3rd May 2017Reading04Chelsea797
47Saturday, 30th Sep 2017Sunderland06Chelsea789
48Sunday, 21st May 2017Sunderland07Chelsea775
49Thursday, 16th May 2013Bristol Academy20Chelsea774
50Thursday, 31st May 2012Birmingham City42Chelsea756

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