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If you believe any of the information here to be incorrect, inaccurate or missing, then please mail me at with as much information you can and I will investigate further and amend accordingly.

Name Appearances
1Magdalena Eriksson87
2Katie Chapman41
3Clare Wheatley32
4Laura Cooper31
5Millie Bright30
6Kirsty Hewitson24
7Karen Carney22
8Casey Stoney16
9Kylie Davies13
10Edda Garðarsdóttir9
11Carly Telford3
Maren Mjelde3
13Dunia Susi2
Natasha Nevin2
Val Cox2
Lianne Sanderson2
17Hedvig Lindahl1
Sam Jones1
Drew Spence1
Marina Batton1
Siobhan Chamberlain1
Niamh Fahey1
Gilly Flaherty1
Anita Asante1
Serina Regali1
Natalie Marijetic1

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