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Date Home     Away Attendance
1Saturday, 4th Mar 1972Stoke City21Chelsea100,000
2Sunday, 1st Mar 2015Tottenham Hotspur02Chelsea89,294
3Sunday, 24th Feb 2008Tottenham Hotspur21Chelsea87,660
4Sunday, 27th Feb 2022Liverpool00Chelsea85,512
5Sunday, 24th Feb 2019Manchester City00Chelsea81,775
6Sunday, 27th Feb 2005Liverpool23Chelsea78,000
7Sunday, 29th Mar 1998Middlesbrough02Chelsea77,698
8Sunday, 25th Feb 2007Arsenal12Chelsea70,073
9Wednesday, 26th Jan 2005Manchester United12Chelsea67,000
10Tuesday, 29th Oct 2013Arsenal02Chelsea59,455
11Wednesday, 24th Jan 2018Arsenal21Chelsea58,964
12Tuesday, 17th Dec 2002Manchester United10Chelsea57,985
13Wednesday, 5th Jan 1972Tottenham Hotspur22Chelsea52,755
14Tuesday, 26th Oct 1976Arsenal21Chelsea52,305
15Wednesday, 9th Nov 2022Manchester City20Chelsea52,148
16Wednesday, 28th Oct 1970Manchester United21Chelsea47,565
17Wednesday, 26th Oct 2016West Ham United21Chelsea45,957
18Wednesday, 12th Jan 2022Tottenham Hotspur01Chelsea45,603
19Wednesday, 26th Sep 2018Liverpool12Chelsea45,503
20Tuesday, 20th Jan 2015Liverpool11Chelsea44,573
21Tuesday, 8th Jan 2019Tottenham Hotspur10Chelsea44,371
22Wednesday, 22nd Dec 1971Chelsea32Tottenham Hotspur43,330
23Wednesday, 26th Oct 2005Chelsea11Charlton Athletic42,198
24Wednesday, 27th Oct 2004Chelsea10West Ham United41,774
25Tuesday, 23rd Jan 2007Chelsea40Wycombe Wanderers41,591
26Wednesday, 28th Oct 2009Chelsea40Bolton Wanderers41,538
27Wednesday, 8th Nov 2006Chelsea40Aston Villa41,516
28Wednesday, 22nd Sep 2010Chelsea34Newcastle United41,511
29Wednesday, 12th Jan 2005Chelsea00Manchester United41,492
30Wednesday, 12th Nov 2008Chelsea11Burnley41,369
31Wednesday, 19th Dec 2007Chelsea20Liverpool41,366
32Tuesday, 8th Jan 2008Chelsea21Everton41,178
33Wednesday, 20th Dec 2017Chelsea21AFC Bournemouth41,168
34Wednesday, 31st Oct 2012Chelsea54Manchester United41,126
35Wednesday, 24th Sep 2014Chelsea21Bolton Wanderers40,988
36Tuesday, 27th Jan 2015Chelsea10Liverpool40,659
37Wednesday, 25th Oct 2017Chelsea21Everton40,655
38Wednesday, 20th Sep 2017Chelsea51Nottingham Forest40,621
39Tuesday, 29th Nov 2011Chelsea02Liverpool40,511
40Wednesday, 19th Dec 2018Chelsea10AFC Bournemouth40,432
41Wednesday, 9th Jan 2013Chelsea02Swansea City40,172
42Wednesday, 10th Jan 2018Chelsea00Arsenal40,097
43Wednesday, 31st Oct 2007Chelsea43Leicester City40,037
44Tuesday, 26th Oct 2021Chelsea11Southampton39,766
45Wednesday, 25th Sep 2019Chelsea71Grimsby Town39,674
46Wednesday, 31st Oct 2018Chelsea32Derby County39,564
47Wednesday, 1st Nov 2023Chelsea20Blackburn Rovers39,548
48Tuesday, 23rd Aug 2016Chelsea32Bristol Rovers39,276
49Wednesday, 30th Oct 2019Chelsea12Manchester United38,645
50Tuesday, 22nd Jan 2019Chelsea21Tottenham Hotspur38,610

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