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Chelsea FC Profile: Steve Leecock

| Manager Summary |

Full Name: Steve Leecock

Born: Date of birth unknown
Place of birth: Unknown, Unknown

Involvement with Chelsea:

Women's Manager from 1997 to 2001

Playing Career:

Chelsea Manager Career Summary

Manager from: July, 1997
Manager until: July, 2001

PlayedWonDrawnLostForAgainstWin %Goals / Game
F.A. Cup12813293466.67%2.42
League Cup5311121260%2.40

Players In

Jul 1997Marie Maskellunknown
Jul 1997? Crumpunknown
Jul 1997Lianne Tyleeunknown
Jul 1997Jessica Colesunknown
Jul 1997Sarah Coxunknown
Jul 1997Serina Regaliunknown
Jul 1997Beth Murphyunknown
Jul 1997Faye Haydenunknown
Jul 1997Karina Grimshawunknown
Jul 1998Caroline Austinunknown
Jul 1998Stacie Willsonunknown
Jul 1998Laura Buttigiegunknown
Jul 1998Fara Williamsunknown
Jul 1998? Robertsunknown
Jul 1998? Ringbergunknown
Jul 1998 Reyesunknown
Jul 1998Nicola Dunsdonunknown
Jul 1999Katie Bondunknown
Jul 1999? Walkerunknown
Jul 1999Dani Kempunknown
Jul 1999Wendy Martinunknown
Jul 1999Eartha Pondunknown
Jul 2000Janine Faginunknown
Jul 2000Emma Wickhamunknown
Jul 2000Nicky Cartwrightunknown
Jul 2000Jenna Stephensunknown
Jul 2000Tracey Smithunknown
Jul 2000Tessa Sandersunknown
Jul 2000? Colemanunknown
Jul 2000Katie Rumphunknown
Jul 2000Jessica Colesunknown
Jul 2000Katrina Parkerunknown
Jul 2000Lindsey Morganunknown
Jul 2000Kelly McCullockunknown
Jul 2000Michelle Lawrenceunknown
Jul 2000Permi Jhootiunknown
Jul 2000Karina Grimshawunknown
Jul 2000? Hellermanunknown
Jul 2001Leah Ambridgeunknown
Jul 2001Amy Murphyunknown
Jul 2001Joanne Bartonunknown
Jul 2001Sally Edeunknown
Jul 2001? Burdonunknown
Jul 2001Debbie Careyunknown
Jul 2001Heather Gravettunknown
Jul 2001Katie Wickaunknown
Jul 2001Chantelle Whiteunknown
Jul 2001Becky Dugganunknown
Jul 2001? Hodgsonunknown
Jul 2001? Roseunknown
Jul 2001Siobhan Chamberlainunknown
Jul 2001Ayala Liranunknown
Jul 2001Jessica Devotiunknown
Jul 2001? Porterunknown
Jul 2001Gina Michaelasunknown
Jul 2001Hazel Palmerunknown
Jul 2001? Doddsunknown

Players Out

Jul 1997Kerry Best
Jul 1997Kelly Powell
Jul 1997? Muller
Jul 1997Louise Foley
Jul 1998Marina Batten
Jul 1998Beth Murphy
Jul 1998Katie Rumph
Jul 1998Michelle Lawrence
Jul 1998Permi Jhooti
Jul 1998Jenna Stephens
Jul 1998Sarah Barrett
Jul 1998Janine Fagin
Jul 1998Kelly Kevin
Jul 1998Katie Samels
Jul 1998Jessica Coles
Jul 1998Stacey Thresher
Jul 1998? Crump
Jul 1998Marie Maskell
Jul 1999Carol Timms
Jul 1999Vicky Bays
Jul 1999Casey Stoney
Jul 1999? Roberts
Jul 1999? Ringberg
Jul 1999 Reyes
Jul 1999Karina Grimshaw
Jul 1999Faye Hayden
Jul 2000Becki Partridge
Jul 2000Katie Bond
Jul 2000Laura Buttigieg
Jul 2000Jody Bowry
Jul 2000Lianne Tylee
Jul 2001Lindsey Creegan
Jul 2001Eartha Pond
Jul 2001Caroline Austin
Jul 2001Lindsey Morgan
Jul 2001Katie Rumph
Jul 2001Kelly McCullock
Jul 2001Nicky Cartwright
Jul 2001? Coleman
Jul 2001Jessica Coles
Jul 2001Jenna Couch
Jul 2001Kelly Impett
Jul 2001Joanna Smith
Jul 2001Janine Fagin
Jul 2001Denise Furlonger
Jul 2001Michelle Lawrence
Jul 2001Tessa Sanders
Jul 2001Fara Williams
Jul 2001? Walker
Jul 2001Tracey Smith
Jul 2001? Hellerman

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