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Chelsea FC Profile: Tony Farmer

| Manager Summary |

Full Name: Tony Palmer

Born: Date of birth unknown
Place of birth: Unknown, Unknown

Involvement with Chelsea:

Women's Manager from 1992 to 1997

Playing Career:

Chelsea Manager Career Summary

Manager from: July, 1992
Manager until: July, 1997

PlayedWonDrawnLostForAgainstWin %Goals / Game
F.A. Cup9612211066.67%2.33
League Cup151005453266.67%3.00

Players In

Jul 1992Julie Flemingunknown
Jul 1992Jenna Stephensunknown
Jul 1992Andrea Alleyneunknown
Jul 1992Terri Banksunknown
Jul 1992Toyah Brennanunknown
Jul 1992Chris Buntingunknown
Jul 1992Julie Calvertunknown
Jul 1992Val Coxunknown
Jul 1992Karen Drewunknown
Jul 1992Vicky Baysunknown
Jul 1992Louise Foleyunknown
Jul 1992Val Lightfootunknown
Jul 1992Cara Manleyunknown
Jul 1992Gerry Sidhuunknown
Jul 1992Julie Stephensunknown
Jul 1992Ann Stilesunknown
Jul 1992Joanna Smithunknown
Jul 1992Jenny Castledineunknown
Jul 1992Julie Newellunknown
Jul 1992Kelly Impettunknown
Jul 1992Jane Littleunknown
Jul 1993Steph Higginsunknown
Jul 1993Vicky Cundyunknown
Jul 1993Clare Wheatleyunknown
Jul 1993Sarah Barrettunknown
Jul 1993Jenna Couchunknown
Jul 1993Kerry Smithunknown
Jul 1994Emily Stanghonunknown
Jul 1994Carol Timmsunknown
Jul 1994Emma Leggunknown
Jul 1994? Bradshawunknown
Jul 1994Val Spencerunknown
Jul 1994Kelly Kevinunknown
Jul 1994Casey Stoneyunknown
Nov 1994Terry Parillionunknown
Nov 1994Marina Battenunknown
Jul 1995? Ratcliffeunknown
Jul 1995Nicole Petrichunknown
Jul 1995? Paulunknown
Jul 1995Micky Keeneunknown
Jul 1995Jody Bowryunknown
Jul 1995Permi Jhootiunknown
Jul 1995? Walkerunknown
Jul 1995Caroline Barkerunknown
Jul 1996Katie Samelsunknown
Jul 1996Kerry Bestunknown
Jul 1996Kelly Powellunknown
Jul 1996Stacey Thresherunknown
Jul 1996Becki Partridgeunknown
Jul 1996? Mullerunknown
Jul 1996Julie Newellunknown
Jul 1996Lindsey Creeganunknown
Jul 1996Janine Faginunknown
Jul 1996Denise Furlongerunknown
Jul 1996Katie Rumphunknown
Jul 1996Natasha Nevinunknown
Jul 1996Michelle Lawrenceunknown
Jul 1996Sarah Barrettunknown
Jul 1996Natalie Marijeticunknown
Jul 1997Serina Regaliunknown
Jul 1997Jessica Colesunknown
Jul 1997Lianne Tyleeunknown
Jul 1997Beth Murphyunknown
Jul 1997Marie Maskellunknown
Jul 1997? Crumpunknown
Jul 1997Faye Haydenunknown
Jul 1997Karina Grimshawunknown
Jul 1997Sarah Coxunknown

Players Out

Jul 1993Jane Little
Jul 1993Jenny Castledine
Jul 1993Ann Stiles
Jul 1993Julie Stephens
Jul 1993Chris Bunting
Jul 1993Julie Calvert
Jul 1993Val Lightfoot
Jul 1994Vicky Cundy
Jul 1994Steph Higgins
Jul 1994Cara Manley
Jul 1994Julie Fleming
Jul 1994Val Cox
Jul 1994Terri Banks
Jul 1995Clare Wheatley
Jul 1995Val Spencer
Jul 1995Toyah Brennan
Jul 1995? Bradshaw
Jul 1995Sarah Barrett
Jul 1995Andrea Alleyne
Nov 1995Julie Newell
Jul 1996Kerry Smith
Jul 1996Gerry Sidhu
Jul 1996Emma Legg
Jul 1996Terry Parillion
Jul 1996Micky Keene
Jul 1996? Paul
Jul 1996Nicole Petrich
Jul 1996? Ratcliffe
Jul 1996Karen Drew
Jul 1996? Walker
Jul 1997Louise Foley
Jul 1997? Muller
Jul 1997Kelly Powell
Jul 1997Kerry Best

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