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Chelsea FC Profile: Jessie Fleming

| Player Summary |

Full Name: Jessie Alexandra Fleming

Born: Wednesday, 11th March 1998 (age: 25)
Place of birth: London, Ontario, Canada
Height: 5' 5"

Involvement with Chelsea:

Women's 1st Team Player from 2020 to present

Playing Career:

UCLA Bruins
Chelsea (Jul 2020 to present) - cost: unknown

Chelsea First-Team Career Summary

Competitive Debut: Saturday, 29th August 2020, Manchester City 0 - 2 Chelsea (Sub)

Age on debut: 22 years 5 months 18 days

Last Competitive First-Team Appearance: Saturday, 27th May 2023, Reading 0 - 3 Chelsea (Substitute)


Season League F.A. Cup Lg Cup Europe Oth* Ttl
2020 / 21 14 (11)2 (1)5 (4)4 (3)1 (1)26 (20)
2021 / 22 21 (9)8 (4)25 (4)036 (17)
2022 / 23 20 (6)5 (2)2 (2)9 (5)036 (15)
Total55 (26)15 (7)9 (6)18 (12)1 (1)98 (52)


Season League F.A. Cup Lg Cup Europe Oth* Ttl
2021 / 22 701109
2022 / 23 300003

* oth = other competitive matches such as Full Members Cup, Charity/Community Shield, Fifa World Club Cup.
Figures in ( ) are substitute appearances and are also included in the totals.
i.e. Jessie Fleming made 98 appearances for Chelsea, of which 52 were as a substitute.

Competitive Matches Played

CompDateHome  AwayAtt
Women's Community Shield29th Aug 2020Manchester City02Chelsea0 match won Sub on 90 mins
League13th Sep 2020Chelsea90Bristol City0 match won Sub on
Women's League Cup7th Oct 2020Chelsea41Arsenal0 match won Sub on
Women's League Cup3rd Nov 2020Chelsea20Tottenham Hotspur0 match won Sub on
League8th Nov 2020Everton04Chelsea0 match won Sub on
League15th Nov 2020Arsenal11Chelsea0 match drawn Sub on
Europe9th Dec 2020Benfica05Chelsea0 match won Sub on
Europe16th Dec 2020Chelsea30Benfica0 match won
League10th Jan 2021Reading05Chelsea0 match won Sub on 62 mins
Women's League Cup20th Jan 2021Manchester City24Chelsea0 match won Sub on
League27th Jan 2021Aston Villa04Chelsea0 match won
League31st Jan 2021Chelsea40Tottenham Hotspur0 match won Sub on
Women's League Cup3rd Feb 2021Chelsea60West Ham United0 match won Sub on
League7th Feb 2021Chelsea12Brighton And Hove Albion0 match lost
League14th Feb 2021Bristol City05Chelsea0 match won Sub on
League7th Mar 2021West Ham United02Chelsea0 match won Sub on
Europe10th Mar 2021Atlético Madrid11Chelsea0 match drawn Sub on
Women's League Cup14th Mar 2021Bristol City06Chelsea0 match won
League17th Mar 2021Everton03Chelsea0 match won Sub on
League28th Mar 2021Chelsea20Aston Villa0 match won
Europe31st Mar 2021Wolfsburg03Chelsea0 match won Sub on
League4th Apr 2021Chelsea60Birmingham City0 match won Sub on
Women's FA Cup16th Apr 2021Chelsea50London City Lionesses0 match won Sub on
League5th May 2021Tottenham Hotspur02Chelsea0 match won Sub on
League9th May 2021Chelsea50Reading0 match won Sub on
Women's FA Cup20th May 2021Chelsea30Everton0 match won
League5th Sep 2021Arsenal32Chelsea8,705 match lost Sub on
League12th Sep 2021Chelsea40Everton2,379 match won Sub on
League26th Sep 2021Manchester United16Chelsea2,197 match won scored 1 goal
Women's FA Cup29th Sep 2021Birmingham City04Chelsea0 match won
League2nd Oct 2021Chelsea31Brighton And Hove Albion2,480 match won Sub on
Europe6th Oct 2021Chelsea33Wolfsburg1,371 match drawn Sub on
League10th Oct 2021Chelsea20Leicester City2,716 match won
Europe13th Oct 2021Juventus12Chelsea16,871 match won Sub on
Women's FA Cup31st Oct 2021Manchester City03Chelsea1,343 match won Sub on
League6th Nov 2021Aston Villa01Chelsea315 match won scored 1 goal
Europe9th Nov 2021Servette07Chelsea12,782 match won scored 1 goal
League14th Nov 2021Manchester City04Chelsea3,174 match won scored 2 goals
Europe18th Nov 2021Chelsea10Servette1,270 match won Sub on
League21st Nov 2021Chelsea50Birmingham City2,704 match won
Women's FA Cup5th Dec 2021Arsenal03Chelsea40,942 match won
League11th Dec 2021Reading10Chelsea742 match lost
Europe16th Dec 2021Wolfsburg40Chelsea1,107 match lost Sub on
Women's League Cup19th Jan 2022West Ham United24Chelsea615 match won
League23rd Jan 2022Brighton And Hove Albion00Chelsea1,743 match drawn
League26th Jan 2022Chelsea20West Ham United2,554 match won
Women's FA Cup29th Jan 2022Aston Villa13Chelsea1,093 match won
Women's League Cup2nd Feb 2022Chelsea31Manchester United1,548 match won scored 1 goal
League6th Feb 2022Chelsea10Manchester City3,321 match won
League11th Feb 2022Chelsea00Arsenal3,330 match drawn Sub on
Women's FA Cup26th Feb 2022Chelsea70Leicester City2,723 match won Sub on
League13th Mar 2022Chelsea10Aston Villa2,655 match won Sub on
League16th Mar 2022Everton03Chelsea574 match won
Women's FA Cup20th Mar 2022Chelsea50Birmingham City1,869 match won
League27th Mar 2022Leicester City09Chelsea2,278 match won Sub onscored 1 goal
League3rd Apr 2022Chelsea50Reading2,485 match won scored 1 goal
Women's FA Cup17th Apr 2022Arsenal02Chelsea3,458 match won Sub on
League24th Apr 2022Tottenham Hotspur13Chelsea2,161 match won Sub onscored 1 goal
League28th Apr 2022Chelsea21Tottenham Hotspur3,660 match won Sub on
League1st May 2022Birmingham City01Chelsea1,429 match won
League8th May 2022Chelsea42Manchester United4,378 match won Sub on
Women's FA Cup15th May 2022Manchester City23Chelsea49,094 match won Sub on
League25th Sep 2022Chelsea20Manchester City4,403 match won Sub on 65 mins
League28th Sep 2022Chelsea31West Ham United2,842 match won
League16th Oct 2022Everton13Chelsea1,668 match won
Europe20th Oct 2022Paris Saint Germain01Chelsea5,222 match won Sub on 76 mins
League23rd Oct 2022Brighton And Hove Albion02Chelsea3,626 match won Sub on 82 mins
Europe26th Oct 2022Chelsea80Vllaznia Femra3,022 match won Sub on 74 mins
League30th Oct 2022Chelsea31Aston Villa4,373 match won Sub on 65 mins
League20th Nov 2022Chelsea30Tottenham Hotspur38,350 match won
Europe23rd Nov 2022Chelsea20Real Madrid3,336 match won Sub on 56 mins
League3rd Dec 2022Leicester City08Chelsea3,023 match won Sub on 63 minsscored 2 goals
Europe8th Dec 2022Real Madrid11Chelsea1,883 match drawn Sub on 46 mins
League11th Dec 2022Chelsea32Reading1,184 match won Sub on 70 mins
Europe16th Dec 2022Vllaznia Femra04Chelsea220 match won
Europe22nd Dec 2022Chelsea30Paris Saint Germain10,129 match won Sub on 74 mins
League15th Jan 2023Arsenal11Chelsea46,881 match drawn Sub on 63 mins
Women's League Cup25th Jan 2023Tottenham Hotspur13Chelsea657 match won Sub on 61 mins
Women's FA Cup29th Jan 2023Chelsea32Liverpool2,682 match won
League5th Feb 2023Tottenham Hotspur23Chelsea1,880 match won Sub on 61 mins
Women's FA Cup26th Feb 2023Chelsea20Arsenal2,888 match won Sub on 84 mins
Women's League Cup5th Mar 2023Arsenal31Chelsea19,010 match lost Sub on 77 mins
League8th Mar 2023Chelsea31Brighton And Hove Albion916 match won
League12th Mar 2023Chelsea10Manchester United3,277 match won Sub on 75 mins
Women's FA Cup19th Mar 2023Reading13Chelsea1,865 match won Sub on 89 mins
League26th Mar 2023Manchester City20Chelsea5,222 match lost Sub on 80 mins
Europe30th Mar 2023Chelsea12Lyon15,111 match lost Sub on 111 mins
League2nd Apr 2023Aston Villa03Chelsea3,835 match won
Women's FA Cup16th Apr 2023Aston Villa01Chelsea5,292 match won Sub on 70 mins
Europe22nd Apr 2023Chelsea01Barcelona27,697 match lost Sub on 84 mins
Europe27th Apr 2023Barcelona11Chelsea72,262 match drawn Sub on 75 mins
League3rd May 2023Chelsea21Liverpool1,664 match won Sub on 88 mins
League7th May 2023Chelsea70Everton2,074 match won scored 1 goal
League10th May 2023Chelsea60Leicester City1,308 match won Sub on 65 mins booked
Women's FA Cup14th May 2023Manchester United01Chelsea77,390 match won Sub on 57 mins
League17th May 2023West Ham United04Chelsea1,373 match won Sub on 69 mins
League21st May 2023Chelsea20Arsenal3,456 match won Sub on 73 mins
League27th May 2023Reading03Chelsea6,305 match won Sub on 85 mins

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Chelsea FC Women Player Jessie Fleming

Games Won: 82
Win Percentage: 83.67%
Total Bookings: 1
Times Sent Off: 0


During her Chelsea first-team career of 98 appearances, Jessie Fleming played alongside the following 37 players (number of appearances together in the same match-day squad in brackets)

Alsu Abdullina (17)
Ashanti Akpan (1)
Jonna Andersson (50)
Aggie Beever-Jones (3)
Ann-Katrin Berger (64)
Reanna Blades (1)
Hannah Blundell (13)
Millie Bright (80)
Cerys Brown (1)
Kadeisha Buchanan (25)
Jelena Čanković (20)
Jess Carter (75)
Niamh Charles (86)
Aimee Claypole (3)
Erin Cuthbert (82)
Beth England (60)
Magdalena Eriksson (80)
Jorja Fox (5)
Pernille Harder (63)
Sophie Ingle (86)
Lauren James (39)
So-Yun Ji (38)
Anna Kaneryd (33)
Sam Kerr (86)
Fran Kirby (55)
Melanie Leupolz (48)
Maren Mjelde (37)
Zećira Mušović (30)
Aniek Nouwen (27)
Ève Périsset (29)
Guro Reiten (89)
Drew Spence (38)
Kateřina Svitková (5)
Carly Telford (5)
Emma Thompson (1)
Maria Thórisdóttir (4)
Charlotte Wardlaw (1)