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Chelsea FC Profile: Gemma Davison

| Player Summary |

Full Name: Gemma Suzanne Davison

Born: Friday, 17th April 1987 (age: 36)
Place of birth: Barnet, London, England
Height: 5' 6"

Involvement with Chelsea:

Women's 1st Team Player from 2014 to 2018

Playing Career:

Chelsea (Jan 2014 to Jul 2018) - cost: unknown

Chelsea First-Team Career Summary

Competitive Debut: Sunday, 22nd March 2015, Chelsea 6 - 0 Watford

Age on debut: 27 years 11 months 5 days

Last Competitive First-Team Appearance: Sunday, 20th May 2018, Liverpool 2 - 3 Chelsea


Season League F.A. Cup Lg Cup Europe Oth* Ttl
2015 / 15 14434025
2016 / 16 15 (4)412 (1)022 (5)
2017 / 17 7 (3)00007 (3)
2017 / 18 13 (4)3 (1)4 (1)4 (4)024 (10)
Total49 (11)11 (1)8 (1)10 (5)078 (18)


Season League F.A. Cup Lg Cup Europe Oth* Ttl
2015 / 15 620008
2016 / 16 300003
2017 / 18 201003

* oth = other competitive matches such as Full Members Cup, Charity/Community Shield, Fifa World Club Cup.
Figures in ( ) are substitute appearances and are also included in the totals.
i.e. Gemma Davison made 78 appearances for Chelsea, of which 18 were as a substitute.

Competitive Matches Played

CompDateHome  AwayAtt
Women's FA Cup22nd Mar 2015Chelsea60Watford0 match won scored 1 goal
League29th Mar 2015Notts County12Chelsea1,027 match won scored 2 goals
League2nd Apr 2015Bristol City04Chelsea645 match won scored 1 goal
Women's FA Cup12th Apr 2015Arsenal12Chelsea0 match won scored 1 goal
League19th Apr 2015Chelsea10Liverpool878 match won
League26th Apr 2015Birmingham City01Chelsea601 match won
League30th Apr 2015Chelsea00Arsenal1,407 match drawn
Women's FA Cup4th May 2015Manchester City01Chelsea0 match won
League10th May 2015Manchester City11Chelsea750 match drawn
League12th Jul 2015Chelsea41Bristol City1,233 match won scored 1 goal
League18th Jul 2015Sunderland40Chelsea1,004 match lost
Women's League Cup22nd Jul 2015Reading23Chelsea0 match won
League26th Jul 2015Chelsea12Manchester City1,857 match lost
Women's FA Cup1st Aug 2015Notts County01Chelsea30,710 match won
League9th Aug 2015Chelsea40Birmingham City0 match won booked sent off
Women's League Cup19th Aug 2015Watford03Chelsea0 match won
League23rd Aug 2015Arsenal02Chelsea0 match won Sub on 87 minsscored 1 goal (1 Pen)
League6th Sep 2015Chelsea21Notts County883 match won
Women's League Cup13th Sep 2015Birmingham City10Chelsea0 match lost
League27th Sep 2015Liverpool04Chelsea0 match won
League4th Oct 2015Chelsea40Sunderland2,710 match won scored 1 goal
Europe8th Oct 2015Chelsea10Glasgow City FC1,100 match won
Europe14th Oct 2015Glasgow City FC03Chelsea1,199 match won
Europe11th Nov 2015Chelsea12Wolfsburg1,610 match lost
Europe18th Nov 2015Wolfsburg20Chelsea1,632 match lost
Women's FA Cup20th Mar 2016Doncaster Belles14Chelsea525 match won
League24th Mar 2016Doncaster Belles14Chelsea1,165 match won Sub on
Women's FA Cup3rd Apr 2016Chelsea60Aston Villa1,147 match won
Women's FA Cup17th Apr 2016Manchester City12Chelsea2,278 match won
League21st Apr 2016Arsenal02Chelsea1,337 match won
League27th Apr 2016Liverpool12Chelsea855 match won
League8th May 2016Chelsea63Liverpool2,406 match won Sub on
Women's FA Cup14th May 2016Arsenal10Chelsea32,912 match lost
League19th May 2016Chelsea02Manchester City1,518 match lost Sub on
League25th May 2016Chelsea21Sunderland1,397 match won
League29th Jun 2016Sunderland05Chelsea536 match won scored 1 goal
Women's League Cup2nd Jul 2016London Bees33Chelsea0 match drawn
League10th Jul 2016Chelsea11Birmingham City1,354 match drawn
League17th Jul 2016Chelsea12Arsenal1,891 match lost Sub on 56 mins
League24th Jul 2016Chelsea40Doncaster Rovers1,803 match won Sub on
League28th Aug 2016Birmingham City04Chelsea685 match won scored 1 goal
League1st Sep 2016Chelsea21Notts County852 match won
League11th Sep 2016Reading03Chelsea679 match won scored 1 goal
League25th Sep 2016Manchester City20Chelsea4,096 match lost
Europe5th Oct 2016Chelsea03Wolfsburg3,783 match lost Sub on
Europe12th Oct 2016Wolfsburg11Chelsea1,945 match drawn
League30th Oct 2016Chelsea32Reading1,484 match won
League30th Apr 2017Chelsea60Yeovil Town1,077 match won
League3rd May 2017Reading04Chelsea797 match won Sub on
League17th May 2017Chelsea22Arsenal1,009 match drawn Sub on
League21st May 2017Sunderland07Chelsea775 match won
League25th May 2017Manchester City10Chelsea1,069 match lost Sub on
League28th May 2017Chelsea70Liverpool1,654 match won
League3rd Jun 2017Birmingham City02Chelsea1,171 match won
League24th Sep 2017Chelsea60Bristol City1,540 match won
League30th Sep 2017Sunderland06Chelsea789 match won scored 2 goals
Europe4th Oct 2017Chelsea10Bayern Munich2,136 match won Sub on
League7th Oct 2017Chelsea10Liverpool2,116 match won
Europe11th Oct 2017Bayern Munich21Chelsea1,285 match lost Sub on
League29th Oct 2017Chelsea60Yeovil Town1,821 match won Sub on
Women's League Cup1st Nov 2017Brighton And Hove Albion03Chelsea0 match won
Women's League Cup4th Nov 2017Bristol City12Chelsea0 match won Sub on
League12th Nov 2017Reading22Chelsea1,012 match drawn
Women's League Cup2nd Dec 2017Chelsea80Yeovil Town0 match won scored 1 goal
Women's League Cup6th Dec 2017Chelsea41Tottenham Hotspur0 match won
League7th Jan 2018Chelsea32Arsenal2,570 match won
Women's FA Cup4th Feb 2018London Bees010Chelsea486 match won
League21st Feb 2018Yeovil Town02Chelsea454 match won
Women's FA Cup18th Mar 2018Liverpool03Chelsea358 match won
League25th Mar 2018Chelsea22Reading1,652 match drawn
Europe28th Mar 2018Chelsea31Montpellier3,050 match won Sub on
League1st Apr 2018Arsenal11Chelsea1,807 match drawn Sub on
Women's FA Cup15th Apr 2018Manchester City02Chelsea3,048 match won Sub on
League18th Apr 2018Everton01Chelsea0 match won Sub on
Europe19th Apr 2018Wolfsburg20Chelsea3,329 match lost Sub on
League12th May 2018Chelsea21Sunderland1,940 match won
League15th May 2018Bristol City02Chelsea820 match won Sub on
League20th May 2018Liverpool23Chelsea442 match won

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Chelsea FC Women Player Gemma Davison

Games Won: 56
Win Percentage: 71.79%
Total Bookings: 1
Times Sent Off: 1


During her Chelsea first-team career of 78 appearances, Gemma Davison played alongside the following 39 players (number of appearances together in the same match-day squad in brackets)

Eniola Aluko (66)
Jonna Andersson (11)
Rosella Ayane (3)
Ramona Bachmann (21)
Jade Bailey (15)
Marija Banušić (12)
Hannah Blundell (63)
Ana Borges (39)
Jodie Brett (1)
Millie Bright (70)
Karen Carney (40)
Katie Chapman (66)
Laura Coombs (24)
Deanna Cooper (8)
Erin Cuthbert (24)
Jenna Dear (1)
Crystal Dunn (16)
Beth England (23)
Magdalena Eriksson (20)
Niamh Fahey (42)
Millie Farrow (3)
Gilly Flaherty (66)
Jackie Groenen (9)
Marie Hourihan (4)
So-Yun Ji (67)
Fran Kirby (47)
Fran Kitching (2)
Jenna Legg (3)
Hedvig Lindahl (50)
Anne Meiwald (2)
Maren Mjelde (28)
Atlanta Primus (1)
Claire Rafferty (47)
Alessia Russo (1)
Drew Spence (62)
Becky Spencer (10)
Miri Taylor (1)
Carly Telford (14)
Maria Thórisdóttir (16)