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Chelsea FC Profile: Leslie Odell

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Full Name: Leslie Frank Odell

Born: Sunday, 4th January 1903
Place of birth: Sandy, Bedfordshire, England
Height: 6'
Died: Friday, 20th May 1955 (aged 52)
Place of death: Sandy, Bedfordshire, England
Burial: Buried - Sandy Cemetery, Bedfordshire - Section G, plot 451

Involvement with Chelsea:

Men's 1st Team Player from 1924 to 1936

Playing Career:

Sandy (A)
Biggleswade Town (A)
Luton Town (A)
Chelsea (A) (Aug 1924 to May 1936) - cost: unknown - Retired

* (A) = Amateur

* Retired = Retired from playing at the end of Chelsea contract, or for reason stated

Chelsea First-Team Career Summary

Competitive Debut: Saturday, 20th December 1924, Barnsley 3 - 3 Chelsea

Age on debut: 21 years 11 months 16 days

100th Appearance: Wednesday, 26th December 1934, Aston Villa 0 - 3 Chelsea

Last Competitive First-Team Appearance: Wednesday, 4th March 1936, Middlesbrough 4 - 1 Chelsea


Season League F.A. Cup Lg Cup Europe Oth* Ttl
1924 / 25 200002
1925 / 26 100001
1927 / 28 600006
1928 / 29 700007
1929 / 30 13000013
1930 / 31 23000023
1931 / 32 11100012
1932 / 33 17100018
1933 / 34 14000014
1934 / 35 500005
1935 / 36 200002


Season League F.A. Cup Lg Cup Europe Oth* Ttl
1928 / 29 200002
1930 / 31 500005

* oth = other competitive matches such as Full Members Cup, Charity/Community Shield, Fifa World Club Cup.
Figures in ( ) are substitute appearances and are also included in the totals.
i.e. Leslie Odell made 103 appearances for Chelsea, of which 0 were as a substitute.

Competitive Matches Played

CompDateHome  AwayAtt
League20th Dec 1924Barnsley33Chelsea11,000 match drawn
League4th Apr 1925Bradford City20Chelsea15,000 match lost
League28th Dec 1925Derby County42Chelsea25,108 match lost
League28th Jan 1928Chelsea10Clapton Orient17,875 match won
League4th Feb 1928West Bromwich Albion30Chelsea23,718 match lost
League31st Mar 1928Nottingham Forest22Chelsea10,989 match drawn
League21st Apr 1928Chelsea23Leeds United47,562 match lost
League28th Apr 1928Wolverhampton Wanderers12Chelsea16,727 match won
League5th May 1928Chelsea12Barnsley13,707 match lost
League25th Dec 1928Stoke City01Chelsea21,862 match won
League26th Dec 1928Chelsea31Stoke City15,251 match won
League2nd Mar 1929Chelsea23Oldham Athletic29,538 match lost scored 1 goal (1 Pen)
League1st Apr 1929Chelsea32Grimsby Town25,079 match won
League6th Apr 1929Port Vale10Chelsea11,701 match lost
League17th Apr 1929Chelsea25West Bromwich Albion7,086 match lost scored 1 goal (1 Pen)
League27th Apr 1929Chelsea21Reading12,898 match won
League18th Jan 1930Millwall00Chelsea31,355 match drawn
League1st Feb 1930Tottenham Hotspur33Chelsea33,623 match drawn
League8th Feb 1930Chelsea20West Bromwich Albion23,146 match won
League8th Mar 1930Chelsea11Charlton Athletic39,523 match drawn
League12th Mar 1930Bradford Park Avenue13Chelsea11,087 match won
League15th Mar 1930Hull City13Chelsea4,813 match won
League22nd Mar 1930Chelsea32Stoke City35,621 match won
League5th Apr 1930Chelsea32Bradford City26,068 match won
League12th Apr 1930Swansea Town30Chelsea14,944 match lost
League18th Apr 1930Chelsea21Bristol City36,038 match won
League19th Apr 1930Chelsea10Cardiff City23,100 match won
League21st Apr 1930Bristol City21Chelsea17,488 match lost
League26th Apr 1930Preston North End12Chelsea13,475 match won
League4th Oct 1930Chelsea40Middlesbrough48,395 match won
League11th Oct 1930Huddersfield Town11Chelsea25,853 match drawn
League18th Oct 1930Chelsea10Sheffield United59,700 match won
League25th Oct 1930Birmingham62Chelsea17,277 match lost
League1st Nov 1930Chelsea30Blackpool32,755 match won
League8th Nov 1930Blackburn Rovers20Chelsea21,008 match lost
League15th Nov 1930Chelsea20Manchester City25,671 match won
League22nd Nov 1930Leeds United23Chelsea13,602 match won
League29th Nov 1930Chelsea15Arsenal74,667 match lost
League25th Dec 1930Chelsea02Aston Villa40,990 match lost
League26th Dec 1930Aston Villa33Chelsea53,580 match drawn scored 2 goals (1 Pen)
League27th Dec 1930Chelsea50Grimsby Town23,467 match won scored 1 goal (1 Pen)
League3rd Jan 1931Manchester United10Chelsea8,966 match lost
League14th Mar 1931Chelsea32Blackburn Rovers32,623 match won scored 1 goal (1 Pen)
League21st Mar 1931Manchester City20Chelsea27,866 match lost
League25th Mar 1931Chelsea10Birmingham12,968 match won
League28th Mar 1931Chelsea10Leeds United25,446 match won
League4th Apr 1931Arsenal21Chelsea53,867 match lost
League6th Apr 1931Chelsea10Leicester City26,157 match won
League11th Apr 1931Chelsea11Derby County28,224 match drawn
League18th Apr 1931Sunderland20Chelsea8,854 match lost
League25th Apr 1931Chelsea20Portsmouth19,521 match won scored 1 goal (1 Pen)
League2nd May 1931Chelsea11Newcastle United22,860 match drawn
League26th Sep 1931Leicester City10Chelsea19,189 match lost
League3rd Oct 1931Chelsea20Liverpool40,597 match won
League10th Oct 1931Grimsby Town12Chelsea16,050 match won
League17th Oct 1931Sunderland21Chelsea17,294 match lost
League24th Oct 1931Chelsea12Blackburn Rovers35,688 match lost
League31st Oct 1931Portsmouth10Chelsea19,813 match lost
League7th Nov 1931Chelsea21Derby County31,991 match won
League14th Nov 1931Everton72Chelsea32,758 match lost
F.A. Cup12th Mar 1932Newcastle United21Chelsea36,709 match lost
League16th Mar 1932Chelsea00Portsmouth13,050 match drawn
League19th Mar 1932Derby County10Chelsea14,791 match lost
League7th May 1932Chelsea32West Ham United24,386 match won
League24th Sep 1932Chelsea01Newcastle United51,857 match lost
League1st Oct 1932Aston Villa31Chelsea32,684 match lost
League8th Oct 1932Chelsea21Middlesbrough18,181 match won
League15th Oct 1932Bolton Wanderers23Chelsea15,021 match won
League22nd Oct 1932Chelsea13Derby County37,834 match lost
League29th Oct 1932Blackpool40Chelsea7,311 match lost
League5th Nov 1932Chelsea42Birmingham25,619 match won
League12th Nov 1932West Bromwich Albion32Chelsea21,569 match lost
League19th Nov 1932Chelsea02Sheffield Wednesday20,677 match lost
League26th Nov 1932Leeds United20Chelsea19,739 match lost
League26th Dec 1932Liverpool30Chelsea34,777 match lost
League27th Dec 1932Chelsea02Liverpool36,784 match lost
League31st Dec 1932Blackburn Rovers13Chelsea10,583 match won
League7th Jan 1933Chelsea01Huddersfield Town23,844 match lost
F.A. Cup14th Jan 1933Brighton And Hove Albion21Chelsea23,580 match lost
League28th Jan 1933Chelsea31Wolverhampton Wanderers16,919 match won
League4th Feb 1933Newcastle United20Chelsea29,405 match lost
League11th Feb 1933Chelsea01Aston Villa34,378 match lost
League2nd Sep 1933Chelsea52Wolverhampton Wanderers31,792 match won
League4th Sep 1933Huddersfield Town61Chelsea7,508 match lost
League9th Sep 1933Sheffield United41Chelsea13,598 match lost
League9th Dec 1933Chelsea12Manchester City18,048 match lost
League16th Dec 1933Arsenal21Chelsea43,897 match lost
League23rd Dec 1933Chelsea11Leeds United18,157 match drawn
League26th Dec 1933Chelsea40Sunderland12,800 match won
League30th Dec 1933Chelsea20Stoke City24,487 match won
League3rd Mar 1934Chelsea30Blackburn Rovers26,409 match won
League10th Mar 1934Newcastle United22Chelsea14,108 match drawn
League17th Mar 1934Chelsea01Sheffield Wednesday31,606 match lost
League24th Mar 1934Derby County10Chelsea13,644 match lost
League30th Mar 1934Portsmouth02Chelsea29,100 match won
League31st Mar 1934Chelsea32West Bromwich Albion36,593 match won
League3rd Sep 1934Sheffield Wednesday31Chelsea13,029 match lost
League8th Sep 1934Sunderland40Chelsea33,592 match lost
League25th Dec 1934Chelsea20Aston Villa46,746 match won
League26th Dec 1934Aston Villa03Chelsea52,886 match won
League29th Dec 1934Chelsea11Derby County50,687 match drawn
League16th Sep 1935Blackburn Rovers10Chelsea14,610 match lost
League4th Mar 1936Middlesbrough41Chelsea7,968 match lost

Non-Competitive First-Team Appearances

Season Appearances

Non-Competitive First-Team Goals


Figures in ( ) are substitute appearances and are also included in the totals.
i.e. Leslie Odell made 0 appearances for Chelsea, of which 0 were as a substitute.

Non-Competitive First-Team Matches Played

CompDateHome  AwayAtt

Non-First-Team Appearances

Season Appearances

Non-First-Team Goals


Figures in ( ) are substitute appearances and are also included in the totals.
i.e. Leslie Odell made 0 appearances for Chelsea, of which 0 were as a substitute.

Non-First-Team Matches Played

CompDateHome  AwayAtt

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Chelsea FC Player Leslie Odell

Games Won: 42
Win Percentage: 40.78%
Total Bookings: 0
Times Sent Off: 0


During his Chelsea first-team career of 103 appearances, Leslie Odell played alongside the following 68 players (number of appearances together in the same match-day squad in brackets)

Len Allum (18)
George Anderson (2)
Jimmy Argue (6)
Benjamin Baker (2)
Joe Bambrick (4)
George Barber (17)
Bill Barraclough (5)
Fred Barrett (1)
Sid Bishop (28)
George Biswell (4)
Willie Brown (1)
Harry Burgess (2)
David Cameron (1)
John Carr (1)
Robert Carter (7)
Alec Cheyne (23)
Wilf Chitty (6)
James Copeland (1)
Allan Craig (22)
Jackie Crawford (49)
Alec Donald (15)
Sam Dudley (1)
Sidney Elliot (2)
Chris Ferguson (1)
Willie Ferguson (48)
Hughie Gallacher (48)
George Gibson (14)
Bob Gregg (9)
Bob Griffiths (2)
Jack Harrow (1)
James Hope (1)
Jack Horton (14)
Jock Hutcheson (1)
Sam Irving (25)
Alex Jackson (26)
Johnny Jackson (6)
William Jackson (15)
Tommy Law (52)
Bob MacAulay (8)
Peter McKenna (4)
Bobby McNeil (3)
Jack Meredith (8)
Harold Miller (62)
Sam Millington (58)
George Mills (42)
Billy Mitchell (2)
Peter O'Dowd (22)
Eric Oakton (31)
George Pearson (41)
John Priestley (2)
Tommy Priestley (6)
Stanley Prout (9)
Johnnie Rankin (28)
George Rodgers (21)
Willie Russell (53)
Arthur Sales (1)
George Smith (8)
Dick Spence (5)
George Stone (1)
Albert Thain (5)
Jimmy Thompson (4)
Jack Townrow (37)
Bob Turnbull (1)
Reg Weaver (4)
William Whitton (1)
Harry Wilding (4)
Andy Wilson (45)
Victor Woodley (33)