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Manager Profile: Ted Drake

Full Name: Ted Drake

Born: Friday, 16th August 1912
Place of Birth: Southampton, Hampshire, England
Died: Tuesday, 30th May 1995

Managerial Record

Manager from: April, 1952
Manager until: September, 1961

PlayedWonDrawnLostForAgainstWin %Goals / Game
F.A. Cup281099433735.71%1.54
League Cup430118475%4.50
Players In

May 1952Dick WhittakerFrom Juniors
Jul 1952Miles Spectorunknown
Aug 1952John McNichol£12,000
Sep 1952Jim Lewisunknown
Oct 1952Ron Greenwoodunknown
Oct 1952Charlie Thomsonunknown
Nov 1952Les Stubbs£10,000
Feb 1953Frank Blunstone£7,000
Apr 1953Ron Tindallunknown
Apr 1953Paul BerryFrom Juniors
May 1953Peter Sillett£12,000
Jun 1953Derek Saundersunknown
Jan 1954Stan Wicks£10,500
Feb 1954Len Caseyunknown
May 1954John Sillettunknown
Jul 1954Ray Kitchenerunknown
Aug 1954Seamus O'Connellunknown
Sep 1954Wally Bellettunknown
Sep 1954Colin CourtFrom Juniors
Sep 1954Les Allenunknown
Feb 1955John ComptonFrom Juniors
Feb 1955Cliff HuxfordFrom Juniors
Mar 1955Peter BrabrookFrom Juniors
Apr 1955Derek GibbsFrom Juniors
May 1955Tony NicholasFrom Juniors
Jun 1955Bill Livingstoneunknown
Jun 1955Bobby LaverickFrom Juniors
Jul 1955Brian Nicholasunknown
Mar 1956John Mortimoreunknown
Aug 1956Ian MacFarlaneunknown
Nov 1956David ClissFrom Juniors
Nov 1956Mel ScottFrom Juniors
Nov 1956Reg Matthews£20,000
Feb 1957Micky BlockFrom Juniors
Apr 1957Mike HarrisonFrom Juniors
Apr 1957Ken ShellitoFrom Juniors
May 1957Jimmy GreavesFrom Juniors
Jul 1957Terry BradburyFrom Juniors
Dec 1957Peter Corthineunknown
Apr 1958Eric McMillanunknown
May 1958Barry BridgesFrom Juniors
Sep 1958Bobby TamblingFrom Juniors
Dec 1958Stan Crowther£10,000
Mar 1959Pat Holton£6,000
Mar 1959Sylvan Anderton£10,000
Apr 1959Peter BonettiFrom Juniors
May 1959Dennis ButlerFrom Juniors
May 1959Charlie Liveseyunknown
Dec 1959Johnny Brooks£20,000
Feb 1960Terry VenablesFrom Juniors
May 1960Bobby Evans£12,000
Jun 1960Allan HarrisFrom Juniors
Aug 1960Gordon Bollandunknown
May 1961Bert MurrayFrom Juniors
May 1961Colin ShawFrom Juniors
Aug 1961Frank Upton£15,000
Sep 1961Tommy Dochertyunknown
Players Out

Jun 1952Harry Hughes
Jun 1952Dickie Foss
Aug 1952Frank Mitchell
Aug 1952Jimmy Leadbetter
Oct 1952Jack Allister
Oct 1952Jimmy D'Arcy
Nov 1952Harry Medhurst
May 1953Albert Tennant
Jun 1953Sidney Bathgate
Jun 1953Ernie Randall
Jun 1953Fred Lewis
Jul 1953Ralph Oelofse
Jul 1953Benny Jones
Aug 1953Billy Gray
Oct 1953Bill Dickson
Dec 1953Miles Spector
Jun 1954Len Kell
Jun 1954Peter Tuck
Jul 1954Phil McKnight
Aug 1954Bobby Campbell
Aug 1954Jack Saunders
Feb 1955Ron Greenwood
May 1955James Smith
Jun 1955Andy Bowman
Jul 1955Bob Edwards
Jul 1955Sid Tickridge
Dec 1955Bobby Smith
Apr 1956John Harris
Jun 1956Stan Willemse
Jun 1956Seamus O'Connell
Sep 1956Roy Bentley
Sep 1956Ray Kitchener
Nov 1956Eric Parsons
Dec 1956Stan Wicks
May 1957Ken Armstrong
Jun 1957Mike Collins
Aug 1957Charlie Thomson
Feb 1958Brian Nicholas
Mar 1958John McNichol
May 1958Ian MacFarlane
Jun 1958Jim Lewis
Nov 1958Les Stubbs
Nov 1958Alan Dicks
Dec 1958Len Casey
Dec 1958Wally Bellett
Feb 1959Bobby Laverick
May 1959Colin Court
May 1959Cliff Huxford
May 1959Derek Saunders
Aug 1959Bill Livingstone
Dec 1959Les Allen
Mar 1960Peter Corthine
Jun 1960John Compton
Jun 1960Eric McMillan
Jul 1960Paul Berry
Jul 1960Dick Whittaker
Aug 1960Pat Holton
Sep 1960Bill Robertson
Nov 1960Derek Gibbs
Nov 1960Tony Nicholas
Mar 1961Stan Crowther
Jun 1961Jimmy Greaves
Jun 1961Bobby Evans
Aug 1961Charlie Livesey

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Chelsea Manager Ted Drake