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Chelsea Graves Society Profile for Billy Mitchell

Full Name: William Mitchell

Born: Wednesday, 19th October 1910
Place of Birth: County Lurgan, Northern Ireland
Died: Friday, 19th May 1978
Burial info: Cremated - South Bristol Crematorium. Ashes scattered there in the "A Garden". No known memorial.

Involvement with Chelsea:

Player from 1933 to 1945 - See full player profile on HERE

External Research Links:

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A newspaper report from 1939 led to Billy's wife's maiden name being found to be Jones. This led to wedding details to Neta Jones from 1934 where William's profession was "footballer". This wedding put into question a 1910 DOB and suggests late 1911/early 1912 as his age was listed on marriage registration as 22. However, when comparing his father's name (Robert) with known birth registrations of a William Mitchell, the only one of 4, where the mother's maiden name (Bonace) matched a previous marriage to a Robert Mitchell, was the one of 19 Sep 1910.

This date of birth led directly to confirming William Mitchell's death in Bristol in 1978 as per the program obituary

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Chelsea FC Player Billy Mitchell