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Chelsea Graves Society Profile: Jack Kirwan

Full Name: John Francis Kirwan

Born: Monday, 2nd December 1872
Place of Birth: Dublin, Republic Of Ireland
Died: Wednesday, 7th January 1959

Burial info: Buried - Pinner Cemetery, Pinner, London Borough of Harrow, Greater London, England - Plot F/222

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Erroneously listed in many places as being named John Henry and born in 1878, his death in 1959 and associated burial records confirm he was named John Francis and was 86 when he passed away. Further research, leads to the 1939 census that lists him as John F Kirwan with a Dob corrected to 2 Dec 1872.

Jack passed away 7 Jan 1959 (NOT 9 Jan) - This is confirmed by his gravestone.)

Involvement with Chelsea:

Player from 1905 to 1908 - See full player profile on HERE

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Chelsea FC Player Jack Kirwan