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Date Home     Away Att
18th Aug 1956Burnley20Chelsea21,960Match Lostprogramme cover for Burnley v Chelsea, 18th Aug 1956
22nd Aug 1956Sheffield Wednesday40Chelsea36,543Match Lostprogramme cover for Sheffield Wednesday v Chelsea, 22nd Aug 1956
25th Aug 1956Chelsea10Preston North End21,832Match Wonprogramme cover for Chelsea v Preston North End, 25th Aug 1956
1st Sep 1956Leeds United00Chelsea38,679Match Drawnprogramme cover for Leeds United v Chelsea, 1st Sep 1956
5th Sep 1956Chelsea12Manchester United29,082Match Lostprogramme cover for Chelsea v Manchester United, 5th Sep 1956
8th Sep 1956Cardiff City11Chelsea30,000Match Drawnprogramme cover for Cardiff City v Chelsea, 8th Sep 1956
15th Sep 1956Chelsea10Birmingham City40,530Match Wonprogramme cover for Chelsea v Birmingham City, 15th Sep 1956
19th Sep 1956Chelsea00Sheffield Wednesday21,971Match Drawnprogramme cover for Chelsea v Sheffield Wednesday, 19th Sep 1956
22nd Sep 1956West Bromwich Albion21Chelsea24,290Match Lostprogramme cover for West Bromwich Albion v Chelsea, 22nd Sep 1956
29th Sep 1956Chelsea33Portsmouth31,620Match Drawnprogramme cover for Chelsea v Portsmouth, 29th Sep 1956
6th Oct 1956Chelsea24Tottenham Hotspur55,788Match Lostprogramme cover for Chelsea v Tottenham Hotspur, 6th Oct 1956
13th Oct 1956Everton03Chelsea34,897Match Wonprogramme cover for Everton v Chelsea, 13th Oct 1956
20th Oct 1956Chelsea33Wolverhampton Wanderers43,558Match Drawnprogramme cover for Chelsea v Wolverhampton Wanderers, 20th Oct 1956
27th Oct 1956Bolton Wanderers22Chelsea21,299Match Drawn
3rd Nov 1956Chelsea13Charlton Athletic28,722Match Lostprogramme cover for Chelsea v Charlton Athletic, 3rd Nov 1956
10th Nov 1956Sunderland AFC13Chelsea27,182Match Wonprogramme cover for Sunderland AFC v Chelsea, 10th Nov 1956
17th Nov 1956Chelsea41Luton Town30,823Match Wonprogramme cover for Chelsea v Luton Town, 17th Nov 1956
24th Nov 1956Aston Villa11Chelsea27,000Match Drawnprogramme cover for Aston Villa v Chelsea, 24th Nov 1956
1st Dec 1956Chelsea22Blackpool45,327Match Drawnprogramme cover for Chelsea v Blackpool, 1st Dec 1956
8th Dec 1956Manchester City54Chelsea24,412Match Lostprogramme cover for Manchester City v Chelsea, 8th Dec 1956
15th Dec 1956Chelsea20Burnley18,371Match Wonprogramme cover for Chelsea v Burnley, 15th Dec 1956
25th Dec 1956Chelsea11Arsenal32,094Match Drawnprogramme cover for Chelsea v Arsenal, 25th Dec 1956
26th Dec 1956Arsenal20Chelsea22,326Match Lostprogramme cover for Arsenal v Chelsea, 26th Dec 1956
29th Dec 1956Chelsea11Leeds United43,860Match Drawnprogramme cover for Chelsea v Leeds United, 29th Dec 1956
1st Jan 1957Manchester United30Chelsea42,116Match Lost
12th Jan 1957Chelsea12Cardiff City28,828Match Lostprogramme cover for Chelsea v Cardiff City, 12th Jan 1957
19th Jan 1957Birmingham City01Chelsea30,157Match Wonprogramme cover for Birmingham City v Chelsea, 19th Jan 1957
2nd Feb 1957Chelsea24West Bromwich Albion29,361Match Lostprogramme cover for Chelsea v West Bromwich Albion, 2nd Feb 1957
9th Feb 1957Portsmouth22Chelsea22,964Match Drawnprogramme cover for Portsmouth v Chelsea, 9th Feb 1957
20th Feb 1957Tottenham Hotspur34Chelsea20,849Match Won
23rd Feb 1957Chelsea22Bolton Wanderers13,647Match Drawnprogramme cover for Chelsea v Bolton Wanderers, 23rd Feb 1957
2nd Mar 1957Wolverhampton Wanderers31Chelsea33,000Match Lostprogramme cover for Wolverhampton Wanderers v Chelsea, 2nd Mar 1957
9th Mar 1957Chelsea42Manchester City35,664Match Wonprogramme cover for Chelsea v Manchester City, 9th Mar 1957
16th Mar 1957Charlton Athletic31Chelsea20,701Match Lostprogramme cover for Charlton Athletic v Chelsea, 16th Mar 1957
23rd Mar 1957Chelsea02Sunderland AFC36,160Match Lost
30th Mar 1957Luton Town04Chelsea15,065Match Won
6th Apr 1957Chelsea11Aston Villa28,025Match Drawn
13th Apr 1957Blackpool10Chelsea17,176Match Lost
19th Apr 1957Newcastle United12Chelsea30,708Match Won
20th Apr 1957Chelsea51Everton28,317Match Won
22nd Apr 1957Chelsea62Newcastle United20,795Match Won
27th Apr 1957Preston North End10Chelsea13,592Match Lost

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