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Chelsea FC Profile: Callum Hudson-Odoi

| Player Summary |

Full Name: Callum James Hudson-Odoi

Born: Tuesday, 7th November 2000 (age: 22)
Place of birth: London, England
Height: 5' 11 1/2"

Involvement with Chelsea:

Player from 2018 to present

Playing Career:

Chelsea (Jan 2018 to present) - From Chelsea Juniors
--->Bayer Leverkusen (L)

* (L) = On Loan

Chelsea First-Team Career Summary

Debut: Sunday, 28th January 2018, Chelsea 3 - 0 Newcastle United (Sub)

Age on debut: 17 years 2 months 21 days

100th Appearance: Saturday, 11th September 2021, Chelsea 3 - 0 Aston Villa

Last Appearance: Wednesday, 2nd March 2022, Luton Town 2 - 3 Chelsea


Season League F.A. Cup Lg Cup Europe Oth* Ttl
2017 / 18 2 (2)2 (2)0004 (4)
2018 / 19 10 (6)22 (1)9 (5)124 (12)
2019 / 20 22 (15)4 (2)25 (3)033 (20)
2020 / 21 23 (13)5 (2)27 (3)037 (18)
2021 / 22 15 (4)336 (2)128 (6)
Total72 (40)16 (6)9 (1)27 (13)2126 (60)


Season League F.A. Cup Lg Cup Europe Oth* Ttl
2018 / 19 010405
2019 / 20 111003
2020 / 21 210205
2021 / 22 110103

* oth = other competitive matches such as Full Members Cup, Charity/Community Shield, Fifa World Club Cup.
Figures in ( ) are substitute appearances and are also included in the totals.
i.e. Callum Hudson-Odoi made 126 appearances for Chelsea, of which 60 were as a substitute.

Competitive Matches Played

CompDateHome  AwayAtt
F.A. Cup28th Jan 2018Chelsea30Newcastle United41,049 match won Sub on 80 mins
League31st Jan 2018Chelsea03Bournemouth41,464 match lost Sub on 65 mins
F.A. Cup16th Feb 2018Chelsea40Hull City39,591 match won Sub on 46 mins
League1st Apr 2018Chelsea13Tottenham Hotspur41,364 match lost Sub on 88 mins
F.A. Community Shield5th Aug 2018Manchester City20Chelsea72,724 match lost Sub on 59 mins
Europe25th Oct 2018Chelsea31BATE Borisov39,799 match won Sub on 60 mins
Europe8th Nov 2018BATE Borisov01Chelsea13,141 match won Sub on 85 mins
Europe29th Nov 2018Chelsea40PAOK33,933 match won scored 1 goal
Europe13th Dec 2018MOL Vidi22Chelsea19,242 match drawn
League26th Dec 2018Watford12Chelsea20,415 match won Sub on 43 mins Sub on 85 mins
F.A. Cup5th Jan 2019Chelsea20Nottingham Forest40,544 match won
League Cup8th Jan 2019Tottenham Hotspur10Chelsea44,371 match lost Sub on 79 mins
League12th Jan 2019Chelsea21Newcastle United40,491 match won Sub on 81 mins
League19th Jan 2019Arsenal20Chelsea59,979 match lost Sub on 80 mins
F.A. Cup27th Jan 2019Chelsea30Sheffield Wednesday37,433 match won scored 1 goal
League2nd Feb 2019Chelsea50Huddersfield Town40,626 match won Sub on 77 mins
Europe14th Feb 2019Malmo FF12Chelsea20,312 match won Sub on 84 mins
Europe21st Feb 2019Chelsea30Malmo FF39,813 match won scored 1 goal
League Cup24th Feb 2019Manchester City00Chelsea81,775 match drawn Sub on 79 mins
Europe7th Mar 2019Chelsea30Dynamo Kiev37,280 match won Sub on 78 minsscored 1 goal
League10th Mar 2019Chelsea11Wolverhampton Wanderers40,692 match drawn Sub on 61 mins
Europe14th Mar 2019Dynamo Kiev05Chelsea64,830 match won scored 1 goal
League17th Mar 2019Everton20Chelsea39,356 match lost Sub on 74 mins
League3rd Apr 2019Chelsea30Brighton And Hove Albion38,593 match won
League8th Apr 2019Chelsea20West Ham United40,537 match won Sub on 85 mins
League14th Apr 2019Liverpool20Chelsea53,279 match lost Sub on 56 mins
Europe18th Apr 2019Chelsea43Slavia Prague38,326 match won Sub on 87 mins
League22nd Apr 2019Chelsea22Burnley40,642 match drawn Sub on 41 mins
League Cup25th Sep 2019Chelsea71Grimsby Town39,674 match won scored 1 goal
League28th Sep 2019Chelsea20Brighton And Hove Albion40,683 match won Sub on 63 mins
Europe2nd Oct 2019Lille Olympique12Chelsea48,523 match won Sub on 67 mins
League6th Oct 2019Southampton14Chelsea31,473 match won Sub on 80 mins
League19th Oct 2019Chelsea10Newcastle United40,513 match won Sub on 90 mins
Europe23rd Oct 2019Ajax01Chelsea52,482 match won Sub on 90 mins
League26th Oct 2019Burnley24Chelsea20,975 match won Sub on 72 mins booked
League Cup30th Oct 2019Chelsea12Manchester United38,645 match lost
League2nd Nov 2019Watford12Chelsea21,011 match won Sub on 83 mins
Europe5th Nov 2019Chelsea44Ajax39,132 match drawn Sub on 60 mins
League9th Nov 2019Chelsea20Crystal Palace40,525 match won Sub on 80 mins
League30th Nov 2019Chelsea01West Ham United40,595 match lost Sub on 71 mins
League4th Dec 2019Chelsea21Aston Villa40,628 match won Sub on 86 mins
League7th Dec 2019Everton31Chelsea39,114 match lost Sub on 71 mins
Europe10th Dec 2019Chelsea21Lille Olympique40,016 match won Sub on 62 mins
League14th Dec 2019Chelsea01Bournemouth40,243 match lost Sub on 65 mins
League26th Dec 2019Chelsea02Southampton40,651 match lost Sub on 67 mins
League29th Dec 2019Arsenal12Chelsea60,309 match won Sub on 70 mins
League1st Jan 2020Brighton And Hove Albion11Chelsea30,559 match drawn Sub on 66 mins
F.A. Cup5th Jan 2020Chelsea20Nottingham Forest40,492 match won scored 1 goal
League11th Jan 2020Chelsea30Burnley40,396 match won scored 1 goal
League18th Jan 2020Newcastle United10Chelsea52,217 match lost
League21st Jan 2020Chelsea22Arsenal40,577 match drawn
F.A. Cup25th Jan 2020Hull City12Chelsea24,109 match won Sub on 68 mins
League1st Feb 2020Leicester City22Chelsea32,186 match drawn
League4th Jul 2020Chelsea30Watford0 match won Sub on 76 mins
League11th Jul 2020Sheffield United30Chelsea0 match lost Sub on 75 mins
League14th Jul 2020Chelsea10Norwich City0 match won Sub on 81 mins
F.A. Cup19th Jul 2020Manchester United13Chelsea0 match won Sub on 80 mins
League22nd Jul 2020Liverpool53Chelsea0 match lost Sub on 59 mins
League26th Jul 2020Chelsea20Wolverhampton Wanderers0 match won Sub on 78 mins
F.A. Cup1st Aug 2020Arsenal21Chelsea0 match lost Sub on 78 mins
Europe8th Aug 2020Bayern Munich41Chelsea0 match lost
League14th Sep 2020Brighton And Hove Albion13Chelsea0 match won Sub on 80 mins
League Cup23rd Sep 2020Chelsea60Barnsley0 match won
League26th Sep 2020West Bromwich Albion33Chelsea0 match drawn Sub on 46 minsscored 1 goal
League Cup29th Sep 2020Tottenham Hotspur11Chelsea0 match drawn
League3rd Oct 2020Chelsea40Crystal Palace0 match won Sub on 83 mins
Europe20th Oct 2020Chelsea00Sevilla0 match drawn Sub on 90 mins
Europe28th Oct 2020Krasnodar04Chelsea10,544 match won Sub on 71 minsscored 1 goal
League31st Oct 2020Burnley03Chelsea0 match won Sub on 73 mins
Europe4th Nov 2020Chelsea30Rennes0 match won Sub on 75 mins
League21st Nov 2020Newcastle United02Chelsea0 match won Sub on 76 mins
Europe24th Nov 2020Rennes12Chelsea0 match won Sub on 75 minsscored 1 goal
Europe2nd Dec 2020Sevilla04Chelsea0 match won
League26th Dec 2020Arsenal31Chelsea0 match lost Sub on 46 mins
League28th Dec 2020Chelsea11Aston Villa0 match drawn
League3rd Jan 2021Chelsea13Manchester City0 match lost Sub on 64 minsscored 1 goal
F.A. Cup10th Jan 2021Chelsea40Morcambe0 match won Sub on 80 minsscored 1 goal
League16th Jan 2021Fulham01Chelsea0 match won Sub on 75 mins
League19th Jan 2021Leicester City20Chelsea0 match lost Sub on 68 mins
F.A. Cup24th Jan 2021Chelsea31Luton Town0 match won Sub on 70 mins
League27th Jan 2021Chelsea00Wolverhampton Wanderers0 match drawn
League31st Jan 2021Chelsea20Burnley0 match won Sub on 73 mins
League4th Feb 2021Tottenham Hotspur01Chelsea0 match won Sub on 65 mins
League7th Feb 2021Sheffield United12Chelsea0 match won Sub on 62 mins
F.A. Cup11th Feb 2021Barnsley01Chelsea0 match won
League15th Feb 2021Chelsea20Newcastle United0 match won Sub on 78 mins
League20th Feb 2021Southampton11Chelsea0 match drawn Sub on 46 mins Sub on 76 mins
Europe23rd Feb 2021Atlético Madrid01Chelsea0 match won Sub on 80 mins
League28th Feb 2021Chelsea00Manchester United0 match drawn Sub on 46 mins
League8th Mar 2021Chelsea20Everton0 match won Sub on 66 mins
League13th Mar 2021Leeds United00Chelsea0 match drawn Sub on 79 mins
Europe17th Mar 2021Chelsea20Atlético Madrid0 match won Sub on 83 mins
F.A. Cup21st Mar 2021Chelsea20Sheffield United0 match won Sub on 72 mins
League10th Apr 2021Crystal Palace14Chelsea0 match won Sub on 76 mins
League20th Apr 2021Chelsea00Brighton And Hove Albion0 match drawn Sub on 67 mins
League8th May 2021Manchester City12Chelsea0 match won Sub on 76 mins
League12th May 2021Chelsea01Arsenal0 match lost Sub on 46 mins
F.A. Cup15th May 2021Leicester City10Chelsea20,000 match lost Sub on 76 mins
Europe11th Aug 2021Villarreal11Chelsea10,435 match drawn Sub on 82 mins
League11th Sep 2021Chelsea30Aston Villa39,969 match won Sub on 82 mins
League Cup21st Sep 2021Chelsea11Aston Villa35,892 match drawn
Europe29th Sep 2021Juventus10Chelsea19,934 match lost Sub on 62 mins
League2nd Oct 2021Chelsea31Southampton40,109 match won Sub on 65 mins
Europe20th Oct 2021Chelsea40Malmo FF39,095 match won Sub on 44 mins
League23rd Oct 2021Chelsea70Norwich City40,113 match won Sub on 70 minsscored 1 goal
League Cup26th Oct 2021Chelsea11Southampton39,766 match drawn
League30th Oct 2021Newcastle United03Chelsea52,208 match won Sub on 88 mins
Europe2nd Nov 2021Malmo FF01Chelsea16,112 match won Sub on 74 mins
League6th Nov 2021Chelsea11Burnley39,798 match drawn Sub on 85 mins
League20th Nov 2021Leicester City03Chelsea32,192 match won
Europe23rd Nov 2021Chelsea40Juventus39,513 match won Sub on 76 minsscored 1 goal
League28th Nov 2021Chelsea11Manchester United40,041 match drawn Sub on 78 mins
League4th Dec 2021West Ham United32Chelsea59,942 match lost Sub on 64 mins
Europe8th Dec 2021Zenit St Petersburg33Chelsea29,349 match drawn Sub on 65 mins booked
League11th Dec 2021Chelsea32Leeds United39,959 match won Sub on 74 mins
League26th Dec 2021Aston Villa13Chelsea41,907 match won
League29th Dec 2021Chelsea11Brighton And Hove Albion40,080 match drawn Sub on 67 mins booked
League2nd Jan 2022Chelsea22Liverpool40,072 match drawn Sub on 79 mins
F.A. Cup8th Jan 2022Chelsea51Chesterfield Town39,795 match won Sub on 66 minsscored 1 goal
League Cup12th Jan 2022Tottenham Hotspur01Chelsea45,603 match won
League15th Jan 2022Manchester City10Chelsea53,319 match lost Sub on 69 mins
League18th Jan 2022Brighton And Hove Albion11Chelsea30,880 match drawn
League23rd Jan 2022Chelsea20Tottenham Hotspur40,020 match won Sub on 87 mins
F.A. Cup5th Feb 2022Chelsea21Plymouth Argyle39,959 match won Sub on 64 mins
Fifa Club World Cup12th Feb 2022Palmeiras12Chelsea32,871 match won Sub on 76 mins
F.A. Cup2nd Mar 2022Luton Town23Chelsea10,140 match won Sub on 62 mins

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Chelsea FC Player Callum Hudson-Odoi

Games Won: 75
Win Percentage: 59.52%
Total Bookings: 3
Times Sent Off: 0


During his Chelsea first-team career of 126 appearances, Callum Hudson-Odoi played alongside the following 55 players (number of appearances together in the same match-day squad in brackets)

Tammy Abraham (50)
Marcos Alonso (61)
Ethan Ampadu (7)
Tino Anjorin (3)
Kepa Arrizabalaga (62)
César Azpilicueta (93)
Tiémoué Bakayoko (1)
Lewis Baker (1)
Ross Barkley (48)
Michy Batshuayi (17)
Marcus Bettinelli (1)
Willy Caballero (19)
Gary Cahill (6)
Trevoh Chalobah (14)
Ben Chilwell (33)
Andreas Christensen (62)
Thibaut Courtois (1)
Danny Drinkwater (3)
Emerson (40)
Cesc Fàbregas (8)
Billy Gilmour (13)
Olivier Giroud (50)
Marc Guéhi (2)
Lewis Hall (1)
Kai Havertz (44)
Eden Hazard (19)
Gonzalo Higuain (8)
Reece James (67)
Jorginho (95)
N'Golo Kanté (81)
Kenedy (1)
Mateo Kovačić (87)
Tariq Lamptey (3)
Ruben Loftus-Cheek (38)
David Luiz (16)
Romelu Lukaku (19)
Ian Maatsen (1)
Édouard Mendy (44)
Álvaro Morata (6)
Victor Moses (3)
Mason Mount (87)
Pedro (33)
Christian Pulisic (63)
Antonio Rüdiger (79)
Malang Sarr (10)
Saúl (12)
Kyle Scott (1)
Thiago Silva (36)
Fikayo Tomori (17)
Harvey Vale (2)
Timo Werner (47)
Willian (49)
Davide Zappacosta (11)
Hakim Ziyech (45)
Kurt Zouma (51)