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Chelsea FC Player Profile: Hugh Billington

Summary | Matches

Full Name: Hugh John Richard Billington

Born: Thursday, 24th February 1916
Place of Birth: Ampthill, England
Height: 5' 8 1/2"
Died: Saturday, 16th January 1988

Playing Career:

Luton Town
Chelsea (Mar 1948 to Jul 1951) - cost: £8,000
Worcester City

Chelsea Career Summary

Debut: Saturday, 13th March 1948, Chelsea 3 - 0 Charlton Athletic

Age on debut: 32 years 0 months 18 days

Last Appearance: Monday, 26th March 1951, Chelsea 0 - 2 Burnley


Season League F.A. Cup Lg Cup Europe Oth* Ttl
1947 / 48 11000011
1948 / 49 16000016
1949 / 50 35600041
1950 / 51 20100021


Season League F.A. Cup Lg Cup Europe Oth* Ttl
1947 / 48 200002
1948 / 49 300003
1949 / 50 17300020
1950 / 51 610007

* oth = other competitive matches such as Full Members Cup, Charity/Community Shield, Fifa World Club Cup.
Figures in ( ) are substitute appearances and are also included in the totals.
i.e. Hugh Billington made 89 appearances for Chelsea, of which 0 were as a substitute.

Competitive Matches Played

CompDateHome  AwayAtt
League13th Mar 1948Chelsea30Charlton Athletic61,566 match won
League20th Mar 1948Arsenal02Chelsea56,596 match won
League26th Mar 1948Chelsea22Manchester City64,396 match drawn scored 1 goal
League27th Mar 1948Chelsea20Preston North End55,561 match won scored 1 goal
League29th Mar 1948Manchester City10Chelsea31,643 match lost
League3rd Apr 1948Stoke City20Chelsea26,408 match lost
League10th Apr 1948Chelsea10Sheffield United43,949 match won
League14th Apr 1948Everton23Chelsea28,366 match won
League17th Apr 1948Manchester United50Chelsea44,366 match lost
League24th Apr 1948Chelsea02Burnley33,390 match lost
League1st May 1948Portsmouth21Chelsea24,055 match lost
League21st Aug 1948Chelsea10Middlesbrough60,981 match won
League25th Aug 1948Newcastle United22Chelsea58,020 match drawn scored 1 goal
League28th Aug 1948Birmingham City10Chelsea48,264 match lost
League1st Sep 1948Chelsea23Newcastle United50,207 match lost
League4th Sep 1948Chelsea22Bolton Wanderers42,971 match drawn
League12th Mar 1949Blackpool21Chelsea20,292 match lost
League19th Mar 1949Chelsea10Sheffield United42,394 match won scored 1 goal
League26th Mar 1949Aston Villa11Chelsea47,446 match drawn
League2nd Apr 1949Chelsea50Huddersfield Town48,136 match won
League9th Apr 1949Manchester United11Chelsea30,123 match drawn
League15th Apr 1949Manchester City10Chelsea36,554 match lost
League16th Apr 1949Chelsea03Derby County60,299 match lost
League18th Apr 1949Chelsea11Manchester City25,864 match drawn
League23rd Apr 1949Arsenal12Chelsea54,604 match won scored 1 goal
League30th Apr 1949Chelsea01Sunderland32,003 match lost
League4th May 1949Bolton Wanderers11Chelsea19,084 match drawn
League31st Aug 1949Arsenal23Chelsea52,901 match won scored 2 goals
League3rd Sep 1949West Bromwich Albion11Chelsea45,111 match drawn
League7th Sep 1949Chelsea31Sunderland40,061 match won scored 1 goal
League10th Sep 1949Chelsea11Manchester United61,357 match drawn
League17th Sep 1949Fulham11Chelsea45,924 match drawn
League24th Sep 1949Stoke City23Chelsea28,674 match won scored 1 goal
League1st Oct 1949Chelsea01Burnley54,574 match lost
League8th Oct 1949Chelsea30Manchester City45,153 match won
League15th Oct 1949Charlton Athletic10Chelsea48,181 match lost
League22nd Oct 1949Chelsea13Aston Villa44,705 match lost
League29th Oct 1949Wolverhampton Wanderers22Chelsea42,008 match drawn
League5th Nov 1949Chelsea14Portsmouth31,650 match lost scored 1 goal
League12th Nov 1949Huddersfield Town12Chelsea12,565 match won
League19th Nov 1949Chelsea32Everton34,190 match won scored 2 goals
League26th Nov 1949Middlesbrough21Chelsea24,815 match lost
League3rd Dec 1949Chelsea11Blackpool47,636 match drawn
League10th Dec 1949Newcastle United22Chelsea43,329 match drawn scored 2 goals
League17th Dec 1949Chelsea30Birmingham City28,672 match won
League24th Dec 1949Derby County22Chelsea28,899 match drawn scored 2 goals
League26th Dec 1949Chelsea11Liverpool55,920 match drawn
League27th Dec 1949Liverpool22Chelsea58,757 match drawn scored 1 goal
League31st Dec 1949Chelsea21West Bromwich Albion41,610 match won scored 1 goal
F.A. Cup7th Jan 1950Brentford01Chelsea38,000 match won
League14th Jan 1950Manchester United10Chelsea48,466 match lost
League21st Jan 1950Chelsea00Fulham52,254 match drawn
F.A. Cup28th Jan 1950Chelsea30Newcastle United64,664 match won scored 2 goals
F.A. Cup11th Feb 1950Chesterfield Town11Chelsea27,500 match drawn
F.A. Cup15th Feb 1950Chelsea30Chesterfield Town59,660 match won scored 1 goal
League18th Feb 1950Burnley12Chelsea23,446 match won
League25th Feb 1950Manchester City11Chelsea32,824 match drawn
F.A. Cup4th Mar 1950Chelsea20Manchester United70,362 match won
League11th Mar 1950Everton11Chelsea50,328 match drawn scored 1 goal
F.A. Cup18th Mar 1950Arsenal22Chelsea67,752 match drawn
League29th Mar 1950Chelsea21Middlesbrough15,513 match won scored 1 goal
League1st Apr 1950Chelsea31Huddersfield Town32,064 match won scored 1 goal
League7th Apr 1950Chelsea11Bolton Wanderers52,985 match drawn
League10th Apr 1950Bolton Wanderers10Chelsea23,658 match lost
League15th Apr 1950Chelsea00Wolverhampton Wanderers30,254 match drawn
League22nd Apr 1950Blackpool00Chelsea26,006 match drawn
League29th Apr 1950Chelsea13Newcastle United24,677 match lost scored 1 goal
League6th May 1950Sunderland41Chelsea21,567 match lost
League19th Aug 1950Chelsea40Sheffield Wednesday48,468 match won scored 1 goal
League23rd Aug 1950Arsenal00Chelsea61,166 match drawn
League26th Aug 1950Middlesbrough30Chelsea41,573 match lost
League30th Aug 1950Chelsea01Arsenal48,792 match lost
League2nd Sep 1950Chelsea12Huddersfield Town41,112 match lost
League7th Oct 1950Blackpool32Chelsea29,240 match lost
League14th Oct 1950Chelsea02Tottenham Hotspur65,992 match lost
League21st Oct 1950Wolverhampton Wanderers21Chelsea40,014 match lost scored 1 goal
League28th Oct 1950Chelsea30Sunderland51,315 match won scored 1 goal
League4th Nov 1950Charlton Athletic12Chelsea29,913 match won
League11th Nov 1950Chelsea10Manchester United51,882 match won scored 1 goal
League18th Nov 1950Aston Villa42Chelsea29,185 match lost scored 1 goal
League25th Nov 1950Chelsea12Derby County26,908 match lost
League2nd Dec 1950Liverpool10Chelsea28,717 match lost
League23rd Dec 1950Chelsea11Middlesbrough35,313 match drawn scored 1 goal
F.A. Cup9th Jan 1951Rochdale23Chelsea17,249 match won scored 1 goal
League13th Jan 1951Chelsea31Newcastle United43,840 match won
League17th Feb 1951Everton30Chelsea33,005 match lost
League24th Feb 1951Sheffield Wednesday22Chelsea40,964 match drawn
League28th Feb 1951Chelsea02Blackpool36,074 match lost
League26th Mar 1951Chelsea02Burnley23,723 match lost
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Chelsea FC Player Hugh Billington

Games Won: 30
Win Percentage: 33.71%
Total Bookings: 0
Times Sent Off: 0


During his Chelsea career of 89 appearances, Hugh Billington played alongside the following 30 players (number of appearances together in brackets)

Ken Armstrong (84)
Sidney Bathgate (36)
Roy Bentley (81)
Jimmy Bowie (28)
Bobby Campbell (73)
Bill Dickson (9)
Charlie Dyke (18)
Len Goulden (22)
Billy Gray (58)
John Harris (84)
Wally Hinshelwood (4)
Billy Hughes (63)
Freddie Jenkins (3)
Benny Jones (20)
Fred Lewis (8)
James Macaulay (25)
John McInnes (6)
Phil McKnight (5)
Harry Medhurst (78)
Frank Mitchell (57)
Eric Parsons (2)
Peter Pickering (10)
Bill Robertson (1)
Jack Saunders (4)
Bobby Smith (3)
Tommy Walker (15)
Bob Warren (1)
Stan Willemse (23)
Reg Williams (21)
Danny Winter (48)