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Manager Profile: Tommy Docherty

Full Name: Thomas Henderson Docherty

Born: Tuesday, 24th April 1928
Place of Birth: Glasgow, Scotland
Died: Thursday, 31st December 2020

Managerial Record

Manager from: September, 1961
Manager until: September, 1967

PlayedWonDrawnLostForAgainstWin %Goals / Game
F.A. Cup261646502861.54%1.92
League Cup14743292050%2.07
Players In

Nov 1961Ron HarrisFrom Juniors
Nov 1961Andy Malcolm£12,000
Nov 1961Allan Young£6,000
Dec 1961Graham Moore£35,000
Dec 1961Errol McNally£5,000
Feb 1962John DunnFrom Juniors
Feb 1962Ian WatsonFrom Juniors
Mar 1962Dennis Sorrell£10,000
Apr 1962John O'Rourkeunknown
Apr 1962Mike Pinnerunknown
May 1962Eddie McCreadie£5,000
Jun 1962Tommy Knox£5,000
Jun 1962Dennis BrownFrom Juniors
Sep 1962Tommy Harmer£3,500
Sep 1962Joe Fascioneunknown
Oct 1962James Mulholland£8,000
Dec 1962Peter HousemanFrom Juniors
Mar 1963Derek Kevan£45,000
Jul 1963John HollinsFrom Juniors
Aug 1963Marvin Hinton£30,000
Sep 1963Jim McCalliogunknown
Jun 1964George Graham£5,000
Aug 1964John BoyleFrom Juniors
Sep 1964Billy Sinclairunknown
Sep 1964Peter OsgoodFrom Juniors
Dec 1964Roger WosahloFrom Juniors
Jan 1965Jim Thomsonunknown
Jan 1965Jimmy Smartunknown
Apr 1965Jim Barron£5,000
Nov 1965Tommy Robson£30,000
Feb 1966Barry LloydFrom Juniors
Mar 1966Joe Kirkup£35,000
Apr 1966Charlie Cooke£72,000
May 1966Alex Stepney£50,000
May 1966Allan Harris£45,000
Jul 1966Chico HamiltonFrom Juniors
Jul 1966Tommy Hughesunknown
Jul 1966Kingsley Whiffenunknown
Sep 1966Tommy Baldwinunknown
Oct 1966Tony Hateley£100,000
Mar 1967George Lukeunknown
Jun 1967Colin Waldron£25,000
Aug 1967Stewart Houstonunknown
Aug 1967Paul McMillanunknown
Sep 1967Geoff Butler£57,000
Players Out

Sep 1961Johnny Brooks
Oct 1961Reg Matthews
Oct 1961Sylvan Anderton
Nov 1961Ron Tindall
Dec 1961Tommy Docherty
Jan 1962Micky Block
Mar 1962Gordon Bolland
Mar 1962Mel Scott
Apr 1962Mike Pinner
Apr 1962John Sillett
Jun 1962David Cliss
Jun 1962Peter Sillett
Sep 1962Terry Bradbury
Sep 1962Mike Harrison
Oct 1962Andy Malcolm
Oct 1962Peter Brabrook
Jun 1963Dennis Butler
Aug 1963Colin Shaw
Aug 1963Derek Kevan
Nov 1963Graham Moore
Dec 1963John O'Rourke
Jun 1964Frank Blunstone
Jun 1964Errol McNally
Sep 1964Dennis Sorrell
Sep 1964James Mulholland
Nov 1964Dennis Brown
Nov 1964Allan Harris
Feb 1965Tommy Knox
Jul 1965Ian Watson
Sep 1965John Mortimore
Sep 1965Frank Upton
Oct 1965Jim McCalliog
Jan 1966Ken Shellito
Mar 1966Jim Barron
Mar 1966Jimmy Smart
Mar 1966Billy Sinclair
May 1966Barry Bridges
May 1966Terry Venables
Aug 1966Bert Murray
Sep 1966George Graham
Sep 1966Alex Stepney
Oct 1966John Dunn
Dec 1966Tommy Robson
Apr 1967Roger Wosahlo
Jun 1967Tommy Harmer
Jun 1967Kingsley Whiffen
Jul 1967Tony Hateley
Jul 1967Allan Harris

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Chelsea Manager Tommy Docherty